China: Sustaining attention to human rights violations in China

February 24, 2017

Human Rights Watch

Joint NGO letter to Permanent Representatives of Member and Observer States of the UN Human Rights Council

After another year marked by enforced disappearances, denial of due process, and continued efforts to suppress human rights, we call on your delegation to join with other States to take collective, coordinated action at the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council to hold China accountable for its human rights record.

One year ago today, the High Commissioner released a statement calling on China to address a wide range of human rights violations. The concerns he raised were echoed by many States at the March 2016 Human Rights Council, including through a strong cross-regional statement delivered on behalf of twelve States.  These States reiterated the High Commissioner’s call for China to uphold its own laws and international commitments, and urged China to release lawyers and other human rights defenders detained for their human rights work.

Human rights defenders, their families, and other activists were encouraged by the strong message of international solidarity sent by the joint statement. The Chinese government, however, seems to have ignored it entirely.  In March 2016, States at the Council raised concerns about the following trends; a year later, the reality on the ground remains unchanged, and in some cases has worsened.—the-law-society-of-upper-canada-expresses-grave-concern-about-the-detention-of-lawyer-jiang-tianyong-in-china-614723084.html—the-law-society-of-upper-canada-expresses-deep-concern-about-the-licence-suspension-of-lawyer-li-jinxing-in-china-614722754.html



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