Turkey: Former Prosecutors, Judge Overseeing Iran-Backed Tevhid-Selam Network Detained

February 18, 2017

Former judge Dursun Ali Gündoğdu and prosecutors Adnan Çimen and Sadrettin Sarıkaya, who had overseen an investigation on Iran-backed Tevhid-Selam network in Turkey until they were dismissed from profession in 2014, were detained by police in İstanbul on Friday.

Detention warrants were issued for Gündoğdu, Çimen and Sarıkaya over their alleged links with faith-based Gülen movement which Turkish authorities accuse of being behind a failed coup attempt in Turkey in last July.

Police raided two apartments in Kayaşehir neighborhood of Başakşehir district in İstanbul on Friday and detained three former members of judiciary.

As part of an investigation carried out by Bakırköy Deputy Public Prosecutor Ömer Faruk Aydıner, Gündoğdu, Çimen and Sarıkaya were accused of “political and military spying, attempting to overthrow Government of the Turkish Republic, revealing top secret state documents, fabricating crimes, forgery in official documents and professional misconduct.”




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