South Africa: Slain lawyer was ‘warned’

February 2, 2017

The dark underworld of the legal profession is being blamed for the death last week of a Durban lawyer, four months after he was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting outside his home.

Devastated relatives of Rabin Maharaj, 61, believe he was targeted by someone linked to one of his cases.

The veteran lawyer, who had been practising for 33 years, usually busied himself with mundane conveyancing work. But three months before he was shot, he was briefed on an unusual matter involving an attorney-cum-loan shark, who was alleged to have been fleecing pensioners of their homes.

The man was suspected of lending up to R125 000 to pensioners, who had to use their homes as security, said a relative of Maharaj’s, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Before the loan was paid out, the pensioners had to sign a purchase and sale agreement, as well as all transfer documents. The victims claimed they were not aware they were signing over their properties.”

The relative claimed the interest rate was set at a staggering 10% a month, which was illegal.



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