Cameroon: Military tribunal set to begin trial of arrested anglophone activist

January 30, 2017

Cameroon: Military tribunal set to begin trial of arrested anglophone activists

Cameroon’s military tribunal base in the nation’s capital Yaounde is set to begin trial of all recently arrested Anglophone activists.Fears are rife that the arrested intellects together with some detained and yet to be arrested Anglophones might be charged with the newly promulgated and highly criticized 2014 anti-terrorism law. The anti-terrorism law No.2014/028 of 23 December 2014 on the suppression of acts of terrorism in Cameroon states partially that “whoever, acting alone as an accomplice or accessory, commits or threatens to commit an act likely to cause death, endanger physical integrity, cause body injury or material damage, destroy natural resource, the environment or cultural heritage with intent to…intimidate the public, provoke a situation of terror…disrupt the national functioning of public services…create widespread insecurity in the country, shall be punished with a death penalty…”

Those facing trial are;

• Lawyer Felix Agbor Balla – human rights activists and one of the lawyers leading talks with government during the last 3 months.
• Dr. Fontem Neba – University Professor and leader of the teacher’s union in higher education institutions.  He had also been part of negotiations with government since October.
• Mr. Penn – staff of CCAST Bambili one of Cameroon’s most well-known secondary school facilities and presumed to be a member of the teachers’ union
• Mr. Bibixy Mancho – a popular radio show host who played an active part in the protests
• Justice Paul Ayah – Former parliamentarian and magistrate, is Deputy Attorney General in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon.
• Justice Sokem Ngale Mborh – Attorney General for the South West Region.

Cameroon’s opposition leader Kah Walla, has appealed on the Cameroonian public to spread the news of the illegal arrest and prosecution to the world.She writes;


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