Nigeria: DSS flays lawyers’ protest in Rivers

January 26, 2017

DG of DSS, Lawal Musa Daura

The Department of State Services (DSS) says the protest by Lawyers in Defence of Democracy and Citizens for Good Governance that its Director General, Alhaji Lawal Daura, be relieved of his position as misplaced priority.

“We believe that that protest by the group, claiming to be acting on behalf of some aggrieved lawyers and Human Rights activists, has other hidden motives,” the DSS said.

The group of lawyers and others had during the protest complained against the excesses of the DG in trying to destabilise Rivers State, the gradual destruction of Nigerian democracy, abuse of human rights, detention of citizens and journalists.

While calling for the release of their members from the DSS underground detention facilities, they also demanded for the disbandment of the panel set up by the Police to investigate the violence in the last Rivers re-run elections.

Moving from United States, British High Commission, the European Commission and the Human Rights Commission where they submitted petitions, the protesters said their march was to stand up against the SSS boss in his bid to install a reign of fear and intimidation.
But the DSS source who spoke on behalf of head of the country’s secret police said yesterday: “The protesters’ main grouse was that some lawyers who are members of their group are being detained by the DSS. I wish to state categorically that no lawyer is in our custody. I repeat, no lawyer is being detained in DSS custody.’’


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