China: Pledges of support roll in to help rights lawyer Xie Yang sue nine secret police over the abuse he received following arrest in massive crackdown

January 21, 2017

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Nearly 100 mainland lawyers have agreed to help a colleague sue nine “secret police” officers who he claims have tortured him during his detention on charges of subversion.

Rights lawyer Xie Yang was detained on July 11, 2015, in a hotel in Huaihua in Hunan province two days after authorities launched a nationwide crackdown that saw hundreds of rights lawyers and dissidents rounded up.

He was held for six months under residential surveillance before being transferred and charges brought. His defence lawyers have been allowed to interview him and transcripts of those meetings were made public this week.

“I’m afraid I’ll die here. My wife and children, they don’t know,” Xie told his lawyers, according to the transcripts.

He claims agents subjected him to extended torture sessions that included physical assault, being forced to sit in suspended restraint chairs, having cigarette smoke continuously blown in his face, being deprived of sleep, water and medical care, and being threatened over his family members’ safety. (ESPANOL)



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