Turkey: Victims of Turkey’s purge exploited also by lawyers with exorbitantly high fees

January 17, 2017

Victims of Turkey’s purge exploited also by lawyers with exorbitantly high fees

Victims of Turkey’s post-coup purge have been taking another toll from lawyers who ask outrageously high prices either to keep themselves out of trouble or to exploit from the lost causes.

A recent article published by the Globe Post news portal quoted an anonymous lawyer as claiming that some lawyers charge their clients, mostly sympathizers of the Gülen movement, from 30,000 TL to 70,000 TL per case, maybe 20-30 times expensive than usual.

What follows is the full text of the article which also elaborated on the Turkish suspects’ legal rights which were limited under post-coup emergency rule.

Turkish authorities have rounded up dozens of bar associations and so far detained heads of six associations across Turkey. Only in the central province of Konya, at least 30 lawyers were jailed while heads of bar associations in provinces of Konya, Gumushane, Siirt, Trabzon, Manisa and Erzurum, were imprisoned.

More than 200 lawyers have been arrested on terrorism and coup-related charges while there are ongoing investigations against more than 500 lawyers. The government also confiscated the property of arrested lawyers in its unabated massive wealth grab from opponents and critics. 

This comes amid a larger crackdown on the judiciary. Only a day after the attempted coup on July 15, the authorities, with an arrest request from an ordinary prosecutor, dismissed and jailed more than 2,000 judges and prosecutors. Of November 1, the number has reached to 3,500, inflicting damage to the judicial system, rendering judicial independence and rule of law a dead letter. In general, more than 110,000 public officials have been purged on coup charges since July. Nearly 80,000 people have been detained, while nearly half of them were jailed pending trial.


(NOTE: 30,000TL is approximately 7,400€, while 70,000TL is approximately 17,250€)



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