Vietnam: Vietnam Extends Detention for Human Rights Attorney

December 28, 2016

Nguyen Van Dai displays his face after he was beaten by masked assailants in Nghe An province, Dec. 6, 2015.

Vietnamese authorities extended human rights attorney and activist Nguyen Van Dai’s time in prison until April, marking the third time the government has added time to his detention, RFA’s Vietnamese Service has learned.

Dai’s lawyer Ha Huy Son posted the government document extending his prison time on Facebook, but told RFA he has little information beyond that.

“I rely on the Supreme Prosecutorate. Whenever they give me the permit I will be able to meet Dai,” he said. “They are following the Bill on Legal Prosecution of Vietnam.”

Dai, 46, was taken into custody last December after leaving his Hanoi home to meet with European Union representatives who were researching human rights issues in the country.

Plainclothes officers stopped Dai before he got to the meeting and took him back to his home, where a police camera faces the front door and authorities monitor everyone who comes and goes. They confiscated three computers and USB sticks and later charged Dai with “conducting propaganda against the state” under Vietnam’s Article 88.

Human rights groups claim Article 88 is used to imprison peaceful activists in the one-party communist nation.

The arrest came soon after masked assailants beat him and other activists in what he said at the time was a reprisal for his work educating the Vietnamese people on human rights.

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