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Day of the Endangered Lawyer (China): The Hague

December 23,  2016



Tuesday 24 January 2017 is the “Day of the endangered lawyer”. This year, the annual events focus on lawyers in China.  In July 2015, a unprecedented and seemingly well-coordinated detention campaign of a large number of human rights lawyers and defenders in China took place. More than 300 human rights lawyers, legal assistants, and rights activists were targeted during the nationwide sweep.

We cordially invite you to participate in the events we organize on the Day of the Endangered Lawyer in The Hague!


14:30 Manifestation and petition

Location ‘Vredespaleis’  in The Hague

Manifestation for the endangered Chinese lawyers at ‘het Vredespaleis’.  A petition will be submitted to the Chinese embassies and consulates in different cities in- and outside of Europe.

16:30 to 18:00 Seminar

Please register for the seminar via this LINK.

Location Paleis van Justitie, Prins Clauslaan 60, 2595 AJ Den Haag
Doors open at 16.00h.


Moldova: Lawyers’ Union denounces human rights violations in Moldova

December 22, 2016

The Lawyers’ Union (LU) denounced the violation of human rights in Moldova by addressing an appeal to the Prosecutor General, the Superior Council of Magistracy, the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice.  The signatories of the appeal point out that lawyers are prevented from exercising their profession freely.

The irregularities mentioned by the Lawyers’ Union include frequent cases of selective application of the law, initiation of criminal proceedings after the expiry of the limitation period, reversals of prosecution and unreasoned cancellation of orders not to initiate prosecution, improper application of preventive measures, seizure of assets, deliberate leakage of information from criminal cases etc.

The signatories also inform of several cases of disproportionate application of criminal penalties, inhuman and degrading conditions of detention, especially of persons under preventive arrest and infringement of lawyers’ right to meet with their clients.

The Lawyers’ Union also finds that “laws are not understood and respected by those national authorities who persecute lawyers.”







China/Hong Kong: Hong Kong Protesters Deliver Christmas Cards, Gifts to Rights Activists Jailed in China

December 23, 2016

Hong Kong activists and pro-democracy politicians post symbolic Christmas gifts for political prisoners in China, Dec. 22, 2016.

Activists and pro-democracy politicians delivered symbolic Christmas gifts to the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s liaison office in Hong Kong on Friday in protest over the detention of rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong.

A few dozen activists, led by the Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, marched to the Central Government Liaison Office in the former British colony, shouting “Free Jiang Tianyong!” and “Release all prisoners of conscience immediately!”

They stuck posters to the gate of the liaison office before donning Santa Claus hats and delivering symbolic gifts and greetings cards to other political prisoners, including jailed 2010 Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, via the letterbox.

Their protest came just days after Norway and China re-established diplomatic links after a freeze of six years after the Nobel award sparked fury among Chinese officials.

They then mailed out the gift-boxes from the General Post Office nearby.

Lawyer and rights activist Albert Ho said Jiang is the focus of their campaign this year because he had offered legal advice to many people fighting for their rights, including the now U.S.-based legal activist Chen Guangcheng, the villagers of Guangdong’s Taishi village who tried to get rid of a corrupt local leader, and many others who have been targeted for persecution by the authorities.

“We have come to the Central Liaison Office today to voice our strong protest [at Jiang’s detention],” Ho said.


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