China: China Confirms It Took Lawyer Jiang Tianyong Into Custody

December 22, 2016

Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong in a recent photo. Official Chinese media confirmed on Dec. 16 that Jiang was taken into police custody. (Epoch Times)

Jiang Tianyong, a well-known Chinese human rights lawyer, has sought to hold the Chinese communist regime accountable for its own laws since 2005. For taking on the most sensitive cases—Falun Gong, Tibetans, blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng—the authorities repaid Jiang with brutal beatings, multiple stints in detention, and, in 2009, disbarment.

But Jiang, a 45-year-old local of Luoshan County in central China, continued his activism—and last month once again disappeared into police custody.

Now, weeks after Jiang suddenly vanished on Nov. 21, Chinese police confirmed that they have “enforced criminal measures” against him for allegedly possessing and passing on classified state documents—a political charge frequently rolled out to incriminate dissidents and rights activists.

Jiang’s family in China are presently urging the Chinese security apparatus to reveal Jiang’s whereabouts, and they plan to sue the authorities for not properly notifying them of the arrest. Many members of the Jiang’s family have since been harassed by the police.

‘A Notice to Foreign Forces: We’ve Captured Jiang Tianyong!’ — Video Denigrates Human Rights Lawyer



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