Turkey: Director of our Head Office Barkın Timtik Has Been Captured We prefer; “Better Angry than Sad”!

December 21, 2016

Yesterday, the director of our association, our friend, our comrade Barkın Timtik has been arrested by the investigating judicial authority in charge. We do not have a mind of making a juridical debate on this ‘unlawful’ arrest. In these days, in which there is a lack of law and justice, not only the Media but also the Jurisdiction has became the spokesman of the government, the lies and the manipulations have prevailed against the truth and the merit, we blame debating on law, and consider this as a humiliating thing. So, we redact our previous statement; the Director of our Association, our friend and comrade Barkın Timtik has been captured collaboratively by the prosecutors and the judges who are afraid even their own shadows and, know nothing except obeying the fascism. Of course, we are not sad but angry. Because we know that this process is not a kind of insanity, on the contrary it is fascism being escalated systematically and consciously.

In a fascist system there is no security for oppressed peoples.

In a fascist system there is no sanity, happiness or smiling face for oppressed peoples.
Fascism means continuously watching your back, it is fear and eeriness.
The only promise of fascism for peoples is to make them cut each other’s throat and massacring, imprisoning, torturing unimaginably at any moment.

And we would like to underline once again that fascism will not go away if we wait, stand still and keep silent. Fascism’s best friend has always been fear and silence. And its antidote is resisting wherever we are, without giving up honour, hope and humanity.
As Ulrike Meinhof said years ago, “either you are part of the problem or part of the solution”. Even it is difficult, it is that simple and there is no other choice!

Progressive Lawyers Association

(source Çağdaş Hukukçular Facebook)


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