December 21, 2016


210 members of the opposition party HDP have been in custody for the last 9 days in Urfa a city located in the south-east Turkey. 9 of them are lawyers. They are kept in a sports hall. The names of the lawyers are: Özkan Gören, Bülent Özışık, Velat İzol, Cemo Tüysüz, Gülay Koca, Serdar Gökhan, Mevlüt Güneş, Aslan Veysanoğlu and Sait Dağ. There is only one toilet in the sports hall for the use of the detainees. They can take the shower at the same place. No serious health control is made by the doctors. Attorneys need the special permission of the prosecutors in order to see their clients. You may follow the case on twitter by #UrfaTemdeNeOluyor

(source Facebook)

https://www.evrensel.net/haber/300351/ohp-barolar-birligi-uc-maymunu-oynuyor (TURKISH)

http://www.firatnews.com/guncel/500-u-askin-hdpli-halen-gozaltinda-tutuluyor (TURKISH)



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