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Turkey: Turkish police beat human rights lawyer while under detention

December 16, 2016

Turkish human rights lawyer Tugay Bek, under detention for the past four days, was battered by police officers when he resisted efforts to handcuff him.

According to the Turkish media, Bek was taken to a hospital for a pre-custody checkup in Adana on Wednesday night. When a group of police officers wanted to cuff his hands behind his back after the medical check, he resisted, leading to an altercation that left bruises on Bek’s face.

“Shocking to hear detained lawyer Tugay Bek in Adana was beaten by police. Tugay well known for defending rights of victims of police abuse,” Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) Turkey director Emma Sinclair-Webb tweeted on Thursday.

Bek was detained along with 568 others who were rounded up as part of an investigation into pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) officials after two terrorist attacks in Istanbul on Saturday night killed 44 people, mostly police officers, for which an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) claimed responsibility. (Turkey Purge)




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Turkey: Lawyer Barkin Timtik arrested, detained and tortured

December 18, 2016

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Barkın Timtik.  She is a lawyer,  and an executive board member of ÇHD. She has been detained in Esenyurt Police Station for four days. Today for the first time she had a chance to access her lawyers. And these are the pictures of torture.

There is a message from Barkın Timtik who is a lawyer and still in police station:

“I was talking with my client before the lunch. In an instant, polices and their vechiles appeared in the garden of Cemevi. They came inside and they started to beat people. They hitted me and children who are just 3-4 years old inside Cemevi with their guns. Then they used pepper gas for the people who were in the lunch area. They detained everyone who were in Cemevi and they just throwed us to the basketball court and used gases. A gas canister came to my face. Police also hit me when I was in police bus”


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Mexico: Yaqui tribe lawyer was kidnapped on her way to a community meeting to plan the next steps in their fight against the U.S.-Mexico Agua Prieta pipeline.

December 15, 2016

Human Rights lawyer and legal representative for the Yaqui Tribe, Anabela Carlon Flores

On Tuesday a group of masked men kidnapped at gunpoint Anabela Carlon Flores, a lawyer for the Yaqui tribe, who are facing increasingly violent repression in their fight against the cross-border Agua Prieta pipeline in Northern Mexico.

Anabela Carlon Flores told reporters she was driving with her husband to a community meeting in the Yaqui community of Bacum on Tuesday at approximately 7 p.m. when their car was stopped by a group of armed masked men. She and her husband were blindfolded and put in another car where the human rights lawyer was told to “stop fucking around.” She was later dropped on the outskirts of nearby Ciudad Obregon, while the kidnappers held on to her husband, Isabel Lugo Molina, who remains captive. Carlon Flores said she fears for his life.

The incident is the latest in a series of escalating attacks on members of the Yaqui Tribe who are opposing the construction of the Texas-based Sempra Energy pipeline project, which aims to bring natural gas from Arizona to the Mexican state of Sonora, crossing Yaqui territory.


http://zetatijuana.com/2016/12/14/abogada-de-tribu-yaqui-es-secuestrada-junto-a-su-esposo-ella-aparece-el-aun-no-se-oponen-a-gasoducto-transnacional/ (ESPANOL)

http://kaosenlared.net/mexico-urgente-grupo-armado-desaparece-a-abogada-de-la-tribu-yaqui-y-su-esposo/ (ESPANOL)

China: China rights lawyer ‘confessed’ to leaking state secrets

December 17, 2016

Gulf News

A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer who had been missing for almost a month was held in police custody and “confessed” to handing over state secrets, official media said.

Jiang Tianyong took on numerous high-profile cases, including those of Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetan protesters and victims of the 2008 contaminated milk powder scandal before being disbarred for his activism in 2009, according to campaign group Amnesty International.

He disappeared on November 21 en route to Beijing from Changsha, the capital of the central province of Hunan, where he had gone to inquire about the situation of a detained human rights lawyer.

On Friday a Communist Party newspaper reported that he had been arrested after using another person’s documents to board the train and was held in administrative detention for nine days.

“Investigations showed… that he was in possession of documents containing state secrets and was in contact with foreign structures, organisations and persons, and illegally handed over state secrets abroad,” the website of Fazhi Ribao (Legal Daily) said, citing police sources.



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Cameroon: African Bar condemns Governments use of force on Anglophone lawyers

December 17, 2016

Members of African Bar Association poised to intervene in Cameroon.

In a release signed by its President Hannibal Uwaifo, the AFBA said, “The brutalization of lawyers in their legitimate demand for justice in their country and attempt to gag the press and curtail the right to freedom of expressions and peaceful assembly in Cameroon is an evil wind that will blow the Government of President Paul Biya no good, instead as history has taught us all, victory for the oppressed people of Anglophone Cameroon is certain.”

The African Bar Association described the regime of Paul Biya as recalcitrant and maintained that the bilingual and bi cultural nature of the country must be respected to the last letter.