December 14, 2016


On the morning 12 December 2016, human rights lawyer Ms Noemi Mendez arrived at work to find that the glass entrance door of her office in San Pedro de Macorís had been broken.

According to the human rights lawyer, no valuables were taken, and nothing seems to be missing. The human rights lawyer filed a complaint at the police station the same day. This is the second time that Noemi Mendez’ property has been damaged in the past few weeks, with her car also having been the target of vandalism a month ago.

The human rights lawyer has represented several individuals affected by the Constitutional Court ruling 168-13, from September 2013, which arbitrarily and retroactively deprived generations of people born and raised in the country of their Dominican nationality. In addition to aggravating long standing tensions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the ruling gave way to a rise of verbal and physical attacks led by so-called ‘nationalist’ groups against Dominicans of Haitian descent as well as migrants in the country.


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