China: Breaking news on Jiang Tianyong: Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau raided Jiang Tianyong and his younger brother’s residence

December 15, 2016

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Jiang Tianyong has remained untraceable since his disappearance on 21 November 2016. I however have continuously received information from indirect sources. Here below is information that I, after verification with prudence, confirm.

1. A residential premises in the northern district of Changping region of Beijing in where Jiang Tianyong once lived was broken in and searched by public security officers.
Source of information notes that on 4 December, plain clothes officers from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau arrived at the premises with locksmith. They broke in and searched the property which Jiang Tianyong once resided. They also took away some personal belongings. As understood, police have stationed to monitor the premises for long hours multiple times.

2. Mo Xiaowei, tenant of the apartment in Changping which belongs to Jiang Tianyong’s younger brother, was taken away by police and cannot be contacted till now. His apartment has been searched.
Before the 709 crackdown in 2015, Jiang Tianyong occasionally stayed in his younger brother’s home. Jiang’s younger brother late rented the apartment to Mo Xiaowei who has nothing to do with Jiang. However, since 4 December, Mo’s phone has been switched off and he cannot be contacted since. Credible source confirmed that Mo was taken away by several police officers as well as plain clothes. His apartment was also raided. It is possible that the objectives of the public security officers were to search if there were any personal belongings of Jiang Tianyong, and at the same time, for controlling the tenant from leaking information.

Jiang Tianyong has disappeared for more than 20 days, we as family members have had no channel for any official information. The above incidents suffice to state that the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau is directly related to the enforced disappearance of Jiang Tianyong. I, on behalf of Jiang’s family, strongly condemn the act of enforced disappearance by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the unlawful search of home and in particular, the implication done on individual unrelated to the case.

Jin Bianling
Phone contact of Jin: +1 (626) 223-0980
(source China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook)–lawyer.html



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