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Turkey: 191 FETO-linked judges, prosecutors suspended

December 1, 2016

Turkey: 191 FETO-linked judges, prosecutors suspended

Ankara chief prosecutor’s office on Thursday launched a probe against more than 190 judges and prosecutors over alleged links to Fetullah Terrorist Terrorist Organization (FETO) terror organization.

A total of 191 judges and prosecutors were suspended as part of the investigation, said a judicial source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to media.

The same source said no legal action was taken against one more suspect since he was retired.

The suspects were said to be serving at first-degree courts.

To date, more than 3,600 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed since July 15 coup attempt that left 248 martyred and nearly 2,200 wounded.


Colombia: The search for peace with justice and human rights in Colombia

December 2, 2016

The report of the fifth Caravana de Juristas mission to Colombia was published! In August 2016, Wout Albers and Marit Balkema visited Colombia with the Caravana on behalf of L4L. The mission consisted of lawyers, prosecutors and judges from 12 different countries and took place at the request of endangered Colombian lawyers. –> http://bit.ly/2fOx3b5

(from Lawyers for Lawyers, Facebook)


Vietnam: Nguyen Van Dai

le 2 décembre, 2016



Pays d’origine : Vietnam

Profession : Avocat

Causes défendues : Leader du mouvement démocratique vietnamien, fondateur du « Comité pour les droits de l’Homme au Vietnam », bloggeur, fondateur de « Fraternité pour la Démocratie », un groupe d’anciens dissidents emprisonnés.

Nguyen Van Dai est un éminent avocat vietnamien défenseur des droits humains, né en 1969.

Leader du mouvement démocratique vietnamien, Nguyen Van Dai a fondé en 2006 le  « Comité pour les droits de l’Homme au Vietnam »,  et a régulièrement publié des essais en faveur de la démocratie sur des sites internet basés à l’étranger. Nguyen Van Dai a créé un blog sur la plate-forme de Reporters sans frontières sur lequel il a notamment publié un essai sur les partis politiques, sujet tabou au Vietnam qui ne connait pas le multipartisme.

Fin 2006, la Sécurité publique vietnamienne a lancé une campagne d’arrestations contre les opposants politiques. La police a alors opéré une perquisition dans les locaux du cabinet de Nguyen Van Dai, et, le 6 mars 2007, Le Thi Cong Nhan, avocate, et Nguyen Van Dai, sont arrêtés à leurs domiciles pour avoir écrit et distribué, notamment par le biais d’internet, des documents dénigrant  le pouvoir.


Turkey: CCBE Human Rights Award 2016

December 2, 2016


Aujourd’hui le CCBE décerne son Prix des droits de l’homme à Ayse Acinikli et Ramazan Demir (photo le jour de leur libération). Ils ne peuvent pas sortir d’Istanbul pour le recevoir mais 1,2 million d’avocats européens rendent hommage à leur courage.

Today the CCBE (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) awarded its Human Rights Prize 2016 to Ayse Acinikli and Ramazan Demir (photo from the day of their release from detention).  They could not leave Istanbul to receive it but 1.2 million European lawyers salute them for their courage.

Statements by Ramazan Demir: (from Facebook)

“Dünya genelinde 1.2 milyon avukatı temsil eden Avrupa Barolar Konseyi İnsan Hakları ödülü bu yıl Tahir Elçi ve avukat arkadaşlarım Ayşe Acinikli, Ayşe Bingöl ile bana verildi. Onur duydum.

Having the honour of recieving Human Rights Award of CCBE 2016 together with my colleagues Tahir Elçi, Ayşe Acinikli and Ayşe Bingöl. Thanks to everyone for the confidence in us.”

“Bunu da elden alamadık ama olsun.
Başta Tahir abe olmak üzere gözaltında ve cezaevinde olan bütün meslektaşlarımıza adıyorum.

The award is dedicated to my colleagues already in custody and prison, primarily to Tahir Elçi.”

Statement by Ayse Acinikli: (from Facebook)

“Bugün CCBE’nin insan hakları ödülüne layık görüldük. Gidip ödülümüzü alamasak da , bu ödül bize yürüdüğümüz yolda cesaret verecek.Bu ödül bana değil,başta Tahir Elçi olmak üzere, cezaevinde veya göz altında olan, mücadele eden tüm meslektaşlara aittir Bizi bu onura layık gören bütün meslektaşlara ve kurumlara teşekkür ediyorum. Gözaltılarda, cezaevlerinde, mahkeme salonlarında, sokaklarda mücadeleyi arttırmak dileğiyle,

Thank you for this honour, courage and support. This award belongs to Tahir Elçi and all the lawyers in custody, in prison and struggle for the human rights.”



China: Chinese Human-Rights Lawyer’s Legal License Is Suspended

December 2, 2016

Chinese lawyer Li Jinxing initiated the Innocence Project of China in late 2013, taking up appeals to free people believed wrongfully convicted. On Friday his legal license was suspended for one year for his behavior in court while defending a client.

Chinese authorities stripped a prominent human-rights lawyer of his license to practice law, the latest in the government’s efforts to rein in legal activists.

The Justice Bureau in the provincial capital of Jinan said in a notice dated Friday that it was suspending Li Jinxing’s legal license for one year for his behavior in court while defending Yang Maodong. Mr. Yang, better known by his pen name Guo Feixiong, is a free-speech activist who was sentenced to six years in prison late last year for disturbing public order and “provoking trouble.” He had displayed banners calling on officials to disclose their assets.

According to the notice, Mr. Li made statements without the court’s permission, interrupted a judge, verbally attacked court officials and interfered with the normal order of the court. As a consequence, the statement said, his license is being suspended for a year.

Mr. Li is well-known in legal and human rights circles for his advocacy for civil liberties. He is a founder of the Innocence Project of China, which has successfully fought to overturn some half-a-dozen wrongful convictions in China in recent years and whose work was the subject of a Page One article in The Wall Street Journal in July.



China: Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law – Joint statement by Jean-Marc Ayrault, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Paris, 1 December 2016)

The Chinese human rights lawyer Li Heping has been in detention for 15 months for his work as a lawyer and his commitment to human and civil rights.

We call on the Chinese government to release Li Heping immediately, in accordance with the rule of law, as set out in the Chinese constitution, and the principle that lawyers must be able to defend their clients without hindrance.

Today we awarded the Franco-German Human Rights Prize to Li Heping’s wife, Wang Qiaoling, for her tireless dedication to representing the families of lawyers and activists held in China.


http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/dossiers-pays/allemagne/la-france-et-l-allemagne/prix-franco-allemand-des-droits-de-l-homme-et-de-l-etat-de-droit/article/remise-du-prix-franco-allemand-des-droits-de-l-homme-et-de-l-etat-de-droit-01 (FRANCAIS)

The Philippines: Vizcaya lawyer shot dead by cop

December 2, 2016

A 29-year-old lawyer was shot dead by a police officer shortly after midnight on December 1 in Nueva Vizcaya’s Diadi town.

PO1 Clifford Dulnuan killed Jemar Apada, a 29-year-old lawyer married to fellow police officer PO2 Jenny Apada, according to Chief Insp. Alexander Cabang, Diadi police chief.

Dulnuan had gone to the boarding house operated by PO2 Apada when he encountered the lawyer.

Police have not established  why he shot Atty Apada, who was declared dead on arrival at a hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds to the head and body.


China: News of Chinese lawyer’s beatings in prison ‘only tip of the iceberg,’ wife told

December 2, 2016

xie yang

A lawyer detained in China’s sweeping crackdown on lawyers and activists has been beaten whilst detailed, his wife has said.

Xie Yang was detained in China’s sweeping crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists in July 2015 for “inciting subversion of state power.” He represented clients in many politically sensitive cases including an activist arrested during the “jasmine revolution” crackdown and the family of a petitioner shot to death by police in May 2015.

On November 21, Xie’s lawyer Zhang Zhongshi visited him at the Changsha No. 2 Detention Centre. As Zhang waited in the meeting room, he heard yelling and crying sounds from far down the corridor that were sustained for about five minutes, Xie’s wife Dr. Chen Guiqiu – a professor of chemical engineering – wrote in statements that she posted online on Wednesdayand Thursday.

Punched in the head

Xie told Zhang when he reached the meeting room that he wanted to bring Zhang some materials. When a guard named Yuan Jin did not allow it, Xie brought them back to the prison cell to express his dissatisfaction with the guard. Yuan then clamped Xie’s handcuffs tight, told another guard to leave, and dragged Xie to a corner of the corridor. He then punched Xie in the head multiple times, and Xie retaliated by kicking him.

Xie said that he previously clashed with Yuan and the guard was acting in revenge. When Zhang felt his head, it seemed that one side was swelling up.