China: Intensified Pressure by the Police to Force the 709 Families out of Peking

August 29, 2016

【Intensified Pressure by the Police to
Force the 709 Families out of Peking City】

According to Wang Qiaoling’s recount, police went to her new landlord on 18th August and coerced him not to rent the apartment to her. She hence fled to Li Wenzu’s home for temporary accommodation. Yet, the public security officers summoned Li’s elderly landlord to police station in the middle of the night. Unable to stand the various intimidations, the old man could do nothing but to terminate the lease with Li Wenzu.

When Li Wenzu started looking for new accommodation today, she was followed by some public security officers. As soon as she settled the deal with a new landlord, the public security officers would suddenly turned up with their police permit and forced the landlord to withdraw the contract. Li’s efforts of the entire day would then be ruined.

In fact, apart from Li Wenzu, Wang Qiaoling faced her second time of being forced to move; while Yuan Shanshan, who originally lived in Beijing’s suburb area, Miyun District, was also forced to move based on the same reason with her baby girl. With Fan Lili and Liu Ermin, who have toddler, elderly and disabled family members at home, they were also forced to move for a few times in the early time this year. It made them almost suffer from mental collapse. And now, Li and Wang are also forced to step onto this long road ahead to be forced to move.

 (source: Chr Lawyers Facebook)
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