Egypt: After Upholding his Release, Malek Adly is Free

August 28, 2016

خبر عاجل  copy

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has just released human rights lawyer Malek Adly, after Banha Criminal Court rejected yesterday (Saturday) the appeal filed by the prosecution against the release of rights activist “Malek Adly” ordering his release over the case No. 4016/2016 (Shubra Al-Khema Misdemeanor).

“Malek” was charged by the Public Prosecution with plotting to obstruct the application of the constitution and law, hindering the official duties of government institutions and propagating false news that may disturb public security.

Renowned Egyptian rights lawyer Malek Adly, arrested in May, is freed

Malek Adly walks free as campaigners celebrate (ARABIC) (ARABIC) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ESPANOL),-abogado-de-Derechos-Humanos-38430.html (ESPANOL) (NORWEGIAN) (CHINESE, from Taiwan) (MOLDAVAN)


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