China: Prominent Chinese Dissidents Still Face Surveillance, House Arrest

August 18, 2016


Three prominent critics of the ruling Chinese Communist Party have been prevented from leaving their homes by state security police in recent days, indicating that they are still living under considerable restriction on their freedom.

Bao Tong, former political aide to the late ousted premier Zhao Ziyang, veteran political journalist Gao Yu and top rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang were all prevented from leaving home in recent days, they said.

Bao said he was issued with a “counter-invitation” by state security police after being invited to a gathering of prominent intellectuals in the city.

“They told me I got an invitation from some people today, but that I wasn’t to go, and that they would take me to dinner instead,” Bao told RFA on Thursday.

“It wasn’t until I saw what Gao Yu wrote that I released,” Bao said. “It was people visiting town from a long way away who wanted to meet and chat for a while; a perfectly normal social interaction.”

“I don’t know why security has to be so tight … there are also good reasons for relaxing it,” he said. “My feeling is that they are seeing enemies behind every bush and tree.”


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