China: Lawyer Lin Qilei: lawyer Ren, haven’t you been released on bail, but why is there no trace of you?

August 19, 2016


Lawyer Lin Qilei: 17:45, 17 August, I rushed to Henan Guidao Law Firm from Zhengzhou East Station, a few great fellas were right there, solely missing Lawyer Ren Quanniu. I said, ain’t that Lawyer Ren has been released on bail? How pity that he is not ight here. Those fellas told me that though Lawyer Ren has been on bail, neither his family nor colleagues knows his whereabouts, the only thing that could be confirmed is he is now in China.

It seems like the legal knowledge I acquired has been outdated: people who are released on bail is not meant to be able to meet people as they wish, including their family members. Apparently, the rule of law with (Chinese) characteristics is again given new elements.

(source Chr Lawyers Facebook)

#Freethelawyers #709crackdown


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