Pakistan: Quetta bleeds again

August 14, 2016

Quetta bleeds again

Last week’s suicide blast in a government hospital in Quetta, killing over 73 persons and injuring over 110, was the deadliest attack against the lawyer community of the country, wiping out almost a generation of lawyers including many of their leaders in Balochistan.

This is not the first time the terrorists have deceived the law enforcement and security agencies in a very coordinated action, inflicting heavy human loss and injuring hundreds. It has happened at least five times in Balochistan that they have set a booby-trap, drawn more and more people and then conducted a suicide explosion. Yet, the law enforcing and security agencies do not seem to have learned any lesson or taken any fool-proof measures to save the lives of innocent citizens as well as their own personnel.

In the latest incident on August 8, President Balochistan Bar Association Bilal Anwar Kasi was gunned down, rushed to the hospital for medical aid where he was pronounced dead. When lawyers along with their leadership gathered in front of the emergency ward of Sandeman Provincial Hospital to collect the body of their slain colleague, a suicide bomber came and blew himself up.

Although government hospitals as public places cannot be made guarded compounds, both civil and military administration need to turn them into secure enough places in the face of fear of being attacked.

“The government has left the citizens and lawyers at the mercy of terrorists. If proper security arrangements had been made, the suicide bomber would have found it difficult to penetrate into the security circle to hit them,” says lawyer Sanaullah, who remained unhurt on that fateful day.

Deflecting valid questions on security


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