China: Chinese lawyer Wang Yu given ABA International Human Rights Award in absentia

August 6, 2016

People watching a screen with a photo of Wang Yu

ABA leaders and members of China’s community of dissidents-in-exile living in the United States packed a meeting room at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco on Saturday morning for the presentation of the ABA’s inaugural International Human Rights Award.

But one key figure was conspicuously absent from the event: award recipient Wang Yu, a Chinese lawyer who represents numerous political, religious and academic dissidents, and members of other underserved groups seeking justice through the Chinese legal system.

Since Monday, Wang’s status in China has been uncertain. She was first detained by Chinese authorities in July 2015, and has been held in detention for the past 13 months and kept out of contact with her family amid a general crackdown on dissidents that has seen hundreds of people detained. Wang’s husband, human rights attorney Bao Longjun, was also arrested and detained. The New York Times reports that he is still in detention, and that their teenage son, Bao Zhuoxuan, has been living under surveillance in northern China with his grandmother.

China Claims Rights Lawyers and Dissidents Are Part of Vast American Conspiracy in 4-Minute Video

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