Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights double standards exposed

August 3, 2016

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR have come under attacked for representing arrested war veterans leaders but turned a blind eye on Paul Siwela and John Gazi who where facing treason charges.

The lawyers, last week jumped to represent war veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya.

They managed to secure a $300 bail for Mahiya.

The lawyers have also taken upon themselves to represent the associations secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, national Vice Chairperson Headman Sibanda and Hoyini Samuel Bhila, ZNLWVA’s Vice Chairperson for Harare province after the two handed themselves to detectives at Harare Central Police Station’s Law and Order Section.

ZLHR defended its move with the group’s chairperson Beatrice Mtetwa insisting the organisation was apolitical.

Mtetwa said her organisation was apolitical, adding that they would readily deploy lawyers from the independent stable to defend people who are apparently being persecuted for their political positions.



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