China: 被捕女律師批外國炒作維權事件 圖搞亂中國





(Beijing lawyer Wang Yu has been released from detention, but apparently has been forced to recant.  She has slammed “foreign groups” for instilling ideas of democracy and human rights in her colleagues. N.B. See “comments” section for details)




One thought on “China: 被捕女律師批外國炒作維權事件 圖搞亂中國

  1. peopleslawyers 01/08/2016 at 09:09 Reply

    Rose Tang reports:

    “In a bizarre interview with Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily in a restaurant in Tianjin, Wang accuses “foreign groups” for instilling ideas of democracy & human rights in her colleagues in training sessions in order to defame the Chinese government and Communist Party, saying she’s Chinese and “only accepts the leadership of the Chinese government”.
    She slams “foreign forces” for kidnapping her 16-year-old son attempting to use him as a hostage to attack Chinese government. Wang and her activist husband Bao Longjun have been detained in Tianjin since July 9, 2015. Bao her their son Bao Zhuoxuan were kidnapped by Chinese state agents in Beijing. Zhuoxuan and his grandparents have been under house arrest in China. Last September, two Xhinese activists rescued the teenager to Burma en route Thailand but were arrested in Burma and handed to Chinese authorities. The two men, Xing Qingxian and Tang Zhishun were missing until recently authorities notified their families of their detention.
    Televised “interviews” and confessions of detainees have become Beijing’s latest tool to crackdown on dissent, turning mass media as quasi courts to convict detainees before they appear in court.
    Wang’s family were detained in an unprecedented crackdown on China’s civil society last July when over 300 human rights lawyers and activists and their family/staff members were rounded up. So far more than a dozen lawyers remain behind bars, without access to their lawyers or families. Their trial is due on August, according to reports in Chinese-language media overseas.”


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