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Egypt: Egypt human rights lawyer released after being detained for defying president

August 29, 2016

malek adly

Egyptian human rights lawyer Malek Adly was released from prison Sunday following a Saturday decision by an Egyptian court. Adly had been held in solitary confinement [AP report] for more than 100 days without a formal charge, and his incarceration was pinned on various administrative detention orders. Adly supporters claim that the lawyer’s prosecution was due to an interview [BBC backgrounder] in which he criticized an April decision by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi [BBC profile] to hand over two islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.

Last year Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement [JURIST report] to improve stability and safety in the region, and Egypt gifted the two islands to Saudi Arabia as a symbol of good will. The agreement, entitled the “Cairo Declaration” and signed in Cairo by el-Sisi and Saudi Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aims to boost military and social ties in the region, as well as improve economic stability. However, in June a court in Cairo invalidated [JURIST report] the Egyptian president’s decision to give sovereignty over the two islands to Saudi Arabia. The relationship between the two countries has been improving since the ouster Islamist Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Saudi Arabia has in turn offered billions of dollars to aid Egypt in its joint bombing campaign with the Saudis against Yemen. The pact also sets out plans to build a new joint Arab military force to combat regional terrorism. (FRANCAIS) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO)

China: Intensified Pressure by the Police to Force the 709 Families out of Peking

August 29, 2016

【Intensified Pressure by the Police to
Force the 709 Families out of Peking City】

According to Wang Qiaoling’s recount, police went to her new landlord on 18th August and coerced him not to rent the apartment to her. She hence fled to Li Wenzu’s home for temporary accommodation. Yet, the public security officers summoned Li’s elderly landlord to police station in the middle of the night. Unable to stand the various intimidations, the old man could do nothing but to terminate the lease with Li Wenzu.

When Li Wenzu started looking for new accommodation today, she was followed by some public security officers. As soon as she settled the deal with a new landlord, the public security officers would suddenly turned up with their police permit and forced the landlord to withdraw the contract. Li’s efforts of the entire day would then be ruined.

In fact, apart from Li Wenzu, Wang Qiaoling faced her second time of being forced to move; while Yuan Shanshan, who originally lived in Beijing’s suburb area, Miyun District, was also forced to move based on the same reason with her baby girl. With Fan Lili and Liu Ermin, who have toddler, elderly and disabled family members at home, they were also forced to move for a few times in the early time this year. It made them almost suffer from mental collapse. And now, Li and Wang are also forced to step onto this long road ahead to be forced to move.

 (source: Chr Lawyers Facebook)
#Freethelawyers #709crackdown

Tajikistan: Jailed Tajik Opposition Politician’s Lawyer Remanded In Custody

August 29, 2016

Tajik lawyer Jamshed Yorov (file photo)

Relatives of a lawyer for a jailed Tajik opposition politician who was linked by authorities to a September 2015 attempted coup say he has been sent to pretrial detention.

Attorney Jamshed Yorov’s relatives told RFE/RL on August 29 that the court in Dushanbe had ordered Yorov’s detention for two months. They say the court order was issued on August 26.

Yorov was detained on August 22 on allegations that he disclosed information about a closed-door ruling by Tajikistan’s Supreme Court regarding members of the banned opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT).

Yorov represented Muhammadali Hayit, the deputy chairman of the IRPT, during a closed-door trial against him earlier in the summer.

The trial court in June sentenced Hayit and another party deputy, Saidumar Husaini, to life in prison.

India/Kashmir: #Day51: Chenab Valley ‘Youth Icon’ Adv Babar Arrested, Slapped PSA

August 28, 2016

Adv Hassan Babur Nehru

Adv Hassan Babur Nehru, leader of Anjuman-e-Islamia Doda, was arrested by J&K police on Saturday late night around 10 pm from Mohallah Sah, Faridabad Doda.

He has been booked under “notorious” PSA and sent to Central jail.

Police have lodged more than 3 FIRs against him in anti-national activities.

Babur, a popular social and human rights activist, was a practicing lawyer who mostly pleaded the cases of deprived people to ensure them the social and human rights.

He used to highlight a diverse range of social as well as developmental issues of the Chenab valley region.

As a social activist, his service towards the people of far flung and poor backgrounds has been commendable.

He used to lead various processions, protests and Dharnas regarding various socio-political issues raising the genuine demands of the public.

Among his daily routines, making people aware about their basic human, social, political and religious rights were priority. He was emerging as a popular leader of the masses opposing “any wrong policy”.

“This act was disliked by various government agencies and every now and then he was unnecessarily harassed by the police,” claimed his family members. (FRANCAIS)

Egypt: After Upholding his Release, Malek Adly is Free

August 28, 2016

خبر عاجل  copy

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has just released human rights lawyer Malek Adly, after Banha Criminal Court rejected yesterday (Saturday) the appeal filed by the prosecution against the release of rights activist “Malek Adly” ordering his release over the case No. 4016/2016 (Shubra Al-Khema Misdemeanor).

“Malek” was charged by the Public Prosecution with plotting to obstruct the application of the constitution and law, hindering the official duties of government institutions and propagating false news that may disturb public security.

Renowned Egyptian rights lawyer Malek Adly, arrested in May, is freed

Malek Adly walks free as campaigners celebrate (ARABIC) (ARABIC) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (FRANCAIS) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ITALIANO) (ESPANOL),-abogado-de-Derechos-Humanos-38430.html (ESPANOL) (NORWEGIAN) (CHINESE, from Taiwan) (MOLDAVAN)

Egypt: عاجل.. خروج مالك عدلي بعد تأييد إخلاء سبيله


خبر عاجل  copy

أفرجت وزارة الداخلية المصرية منذ قليل عن المحامي الحقوقي مالك عدلي، وذلك بعد أن رفضت محكمة جنايات جنوب بنها، أمس السبت، استئناف النيابة على قرار إخلاء سبيل الناشط الحقوقي “مالك عدلي”، وقررت إخلاء سبيله في القضية رقم 4016 لسنة 2016 جنح شبرا الخيمة.

كانت النيابة العامة قد وجهت لـ “مالك” تهم محاولة تعطيل الدستور والقوانين، ومنع مؤسسات الدولة من ممارسة عملها، وبث وترويج شائعات من شأنها تكدير الأمن العام.

موضوعات متعلقة:

مصر: محكمة جنايات شبرا تقرر إخلاء سبيل المحامي مالك عدلي

النيابة تستأنف على اخلاء سبيل مالك عدلي والجلسة السبت القادم

(Egyptian human rights lawyer Malek Adly walks to freedom today after 115 days of solitary confinement) (ENGLISH) (FRANCAIS) (ITALIANO)


Egypt: Condemnations pour after Malek Adly’s delayed release

August 28, 2016

malek adly

Prominent lawyer Malek Adly, upon a court verdict issued Saturday. Lawyers continued to follow up on his release on Sunday morning, reporting that he should soon be out.

According to a statement signed by 16 entities including political parties and NGOs, Adly wasn’t freed after several hours of the prison’s reception of the release order from the prosecution.

“This is a common delay, repeated in several cases with the aim of obstructing the releasing procedures, and is considered unlawful detention,” read the statement published Saturday by the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR).

Moreover, lawyer Ahmed Fawzy, former secretary-general of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP), said on Facebook that there were no legal grounds for the transfer of Adly from Tora prison to Shubra El-Kheima police station, after the prosecution finalised his release order.

Adly was already granted a release on Thursday, as a Cairo court accepted his appeal against his detention. However, the prosecution appealed against the court’s release order, but saw its lawsuit rejected as a second appeal was an incorrect procedure, legally, according to rights lawyer Khaled Ali.

Adly’s detention came in the wake of a security crackdown on human rights and political activists, which intensified against the backdrop of the controversial Red Sea islands case. (ARABIC) (ARABIC)