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Egypt: Free Malek Adly, Now!

July 30, 2016

#FreeMalekAdly #‎Free_Malek_Adly‬

China: Conscience conquers all: wife of detained rights lawyer Li Heping says her respect has only grown deeper despite pain of separation

July 30, 2016

WANG QIAOLING is the wife of rights lawyer Li Heping, who was arrested a year ago in the so-called ‘709 crackdown’ on hundreds of human rights advocates. For the first six months she had no official word of his fate. Wang tells MIMI LAU how her faith comforted her family and how it has given her a deeper appreciation of Li’s quest for justice.

How did you make it through the past year?

Like anyone facing a traumatic event, I have walked from the initial confusion to facing the challenge upfront. After learning what really happened, I chose to face it head on rather than complain. My faith has lifted me through this year. Whether you face every day with tears or a smile, life must go on. I have been able to see God’s plan in the midst of it all and we shall not be defeated by circumstances.

I lived through the past year by seeking and relying on God alone, especially when I was given notice of the arrest six months after he went missing. My heart began to calm down and I told myself that not only must I stay positive, I would have to mobilise other lawyers’ wives to stay positive, too.

What are conditions like for you and your children?

My son is now 16 and has just completed Year 10. He was unable to join an international exchange programme because he was banned from leaving the country, like me. The same goes for my daughter who is only 61/2 – she was banned from applying for a passport and is prohibited from attending school. But I trust that God will prepare a way out for us amid our difficulties, and that we will overcome the challenge.

How do you plan to seek your husband’s release?

As a tiny human who has come up against the state, I can tell you that I have no means to get my husband out. Absolutely none. I studied law at university, and I know I can defend the basic rights of my husband and my family according to the law.


Turkey: 12 lawyers arrested in Turkey in post-coup shakedown

July 30, 2016

Twelve out of 20 earlier detained lawyers have been arrested in the Turkish city of Konya due to the involvement in the military coup attempt, Sabah newspaper reported July 30.

Other detained lawyers have been released after being examined by prosecutors.

Earlier, Turkey’s Interior Minister Efkan Ala said that the number of detainees over the military coup attempt has reached 18,000, and 9,677 of them are arrested.

On July 15 evening, Turkish authorities said a military coup attempt took place in the country. Meanwhile, a group of servicemen announced about transition of power to them.

However, the rebelling servicemen started to surrender July 16 and Turkish authorities said the coup attempt failed. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the death toll as a result of the military coup attempt stood at 246 people excluding the coup plotters and over 2,000 people were wounded.

Erdogan declared a three-month state of emergency in Turkey on July 20.



Yavuz Baydar: Tough times ahead for Turkey


http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-page4.1.tur072416.htm (FRANCAIS)


le 6 juillet, 2016

La répression visant les avocats a débuté le 9 juillet 2015, lorsque l’éminente avocate pékinoise Wang Yu a disparue. © 	@badiucao

Il faut que les autorités chinoises cessent de s’en prendre aux avocats spécialistes des droits humains et aux défenseurs des droits humains comme elles le font depuis bientôt un an dans le cadre d’une répression sans précédent, a déclaré Amnesty International.

En effet, au moins 248 avocats spécialistes des droits humains et défenseurs des droits humains ont été pris pour cible au cours de la vague de répression nationale qui a débuté le 9 juillet 2015. Un an plus tard, 18 sont toujours derrière les barreaux et, parmi eux, neuf sont inculpés de «subversion du pouvoir de l’État» et passibles de la réclusion à perpétuité.

«Les avocats spécialistes des droits humains ont subi les foudres de la machine de répression secrète des autorités chinoises. Il faut que les avocats détenus soient libérés et que le régime cesse de s’attaquer systématiquement aux personnes qui défendent les droits de la population chinoise, a déclaré Roseann Rife, directrice des recherches sur l’Asie de l’Est à Amnesty International. «Le président Xi Jinping a l’audace d’affirmer que l’État fait respecter la primauté du droit alors que c’est précisément pour cette raison que des avocats encourent la réclusion à perpétuité.» Les pouvoirs publics utilisent tout un arsenal de mesures répressives pour tenter de réduire les avocats au silence. La plupart des personnes arrêtées dans le cadre de la vague de répression actuelle ont été privées de représentant juridique et de contacts avec leur famille, ce qui constitue une violation manifeste de leurs droits.



Angola: Charges against Arão Bula Tempo dropped

July 24, 2016


On 11 July 2016, the Provincial Court of Cabinda dropped the charges against lawyer Arão Bula Tempo due to a lack of evidence. L4L welcomes this decision.

On 14 March 2015, Arão Bula Tempo was arrested in connection to his alleged involvement in the organization of a peaceful protest against human rights violations and bad governance in the Angolan province of Cabinda. He was caught on 22 October 2015, with the crimes of attempted “collaboration with foreigners to constrain the Angolan state” and rebellion.

Earlier this year, L4L called on the authorities to drop the charges against Arão Bula Tempo if they have been brought against him solely because of his human rights work and his exercise of his right to freedom of expression.

Arão Bula Tempo is a human rights lawyer and President of the Provincial Council of the Angolan Bar Association in Cabinda. Since 1998, he has been actively denouncing human rights violations committed by state agents, including arbitrary detention, torture and summary executions.

Angola Charges against Arão Bula Tempo dropped


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