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Turkey: Orhan Kemal Cengiz ‘adli kontrol’ şartıyla serbest bırakıldı

July 24, 2016

Orhan Kemal Cengiz 'adli kontrol' şartıyla serbest bırakıldı

Diken’de yer alan habere göre, 21 Temmuz’dan bu yana gözaltında olan hukukçu ve Özgür Düşünce yazarı Orhan Kemal Cengiz, ‘adli kontrol’ şartıyla serbest bırakıldı. Cengiz’in serbest bırakıldığı haberini Sınır Tanımayan Gazeteciler (RSF) örgütünün Türkiye temsilcisi Erol Önderoğlu Twitter hesabından duyurdu.orhan-kemal-cengiz-adli-kontrol-sartiyla-serbest-birakildi-164588-1.





Turkey releases Orhan Kemal Cengiz, but with travel ban; “UN must speak out”







Yavuz Baydar: The largest clampdown in modern Turkey’s history

http://www.ansa.it/puglia/notizie/2016/07/24/turchiasit-in-giudici-e-avvocati-a-bari_436d1690-a418-44a3-bcef-a2a41e14979a.html (ITALIAN)

http://www.sueddeutsche.de/kultur/tuerkisches-tagebuch-vi-erdoans-teufelskulturkampf-wird-die-tuerkischen-eliten-ins-ausland-treiben-1.3092358 (GERMAN)

http://mononews.gr/tha-tous-sillavi-olous-o-erdogan-nea-entalmata-kata-42-dimosiografon/63507 (GREEK)

(Journalist and human rights lawyer Orhan Kemal Cengiz was released from jail today, on the condition that he is not allowed to travel outside of Turkey)

Egypt: Front to Defend Freedoms launches campaign for Red Sea island detainees

July 23, 2016

Dokki Clashes 25 April (3)

The Front to Defend Freedoms, which includes political parties that form the Democratic Current coalition and NGOs, launched a campaign in solidarity with political prisoners detained against the backdrop of the controversial Red Sea islands issue. The campaign is titled “Solidarity with Detainees of the Land”.

The campaign aims to shed light on the detention conditions of several young activists, who had engaged in protests calling for the annulment of the Egyptian-Saudi maritime border demarcation agreement signed on 8 April. The detention of the activists continued despite a preliminary verdict by the State Council nullifying the contract on 21 June.

Several activities are due to take place between Sunday and Thursday, the first of which will be hosted by the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) in solidarity with prominent rights lawyer Malek Adly. Adly has reportedly suffered under inhumane conditions in prison, having been detained in solitaryconfinement for nearly two months, according to his wife and lawyers.

Human rights defenders have demanded an end to Adly’s solitary detention and the application of prison regulations in accordance with the law.

Front to Defend Freedoms launches campaign for Red Sea island detainees

MP questions who is behind orders to deny Malek Adly basic rights inside prison

Iran: la fille d’une avocate interdite de quitter le pays

le 22 juillet, 2016

La fille d’une éminente avocate des droits humains en Iran a été interdite de sortie de territoire.

Le bureau des passeports n’a pas délivré ce document à Mehraveh Khandan selon les instructions reçues du ministère du Renseignement. Mehraveh Khandan, âgée de 17 ans, est la fille de Nasrine Sotoudeh.

C’est la deuxième fois qu’on lui interdit de quitter le pays. La première fois, elle avait seulement 12 ans. Nasrine Sotoudeh a passé trois ans en prison. Elle a été en isolement et a mené plusieurs grèves de la faim pour protester contre les conditions de détention inhumaines et l’interdiction de voyager imposée à son mari et sa fille en 2012. Une de ses grèves de la faim a duré 49 jours.

Comme elle l’a écrit dans une lettre en 2012, Mme Sotoudeh croit que, comme tout autre enfant, sa fille a le droit de vivre à l’abri de la peur et de l’intimidation. Elle a dit: « Le châtiment des enfants est absolument illégal, et encore plus des sanctions politiques en raison de leurs parents. »


Hands off judges!

Hands off lawyers!

Turkey: Turkey’s Erdogan shuts schools, health clinics, charities in post-coup crackdown

July 24, 2016

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has ordered schools, health clinics and charities to shut down.

President Tayyip Erdogan tightened his grip on Turkey on Saturday, ordering the closure of thousands of private schools, charities and other institutions in his first decree since imposing a state of emergency after the failed military coup.

Turkish authorities also detained a nephew of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based Muslim cleric accused by Ankara of orchestrating the July 15 coup attempt, the Anadolu state news agency reported.

A restructuring of Turkey’s once untouchable military also drew closer, with a planned meeting between Erdogan and the already purged top brass brought forward by several days.

Critics of Erdogan fear he is using the abortive coup to wage an indiscriminate crackdown on dissent. The foundations targeted include, for example, the Association of Judges and Prosecutors (Yarsav), a secular group that criticised a recent judicial law drafted by Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted AK Party.


Thousands of Judges Purged in Turkey after Failed Coup Attempt




http://www.yenicaggazetesi.com.tr/yarsav-kapatildi-142568h.htm (TURKISH)

http://www.diken.com.tr/ilk-ohal-kararnamesiyle-yarsav-da-kapatildi-baskan-arslan-aciga-alindi/ (TURKISH)