China: CE Q&A, Review of Legco year, “709 crackdown” & discussion with John Clancey of China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

July 16, 2016

Last Saturday was the anniversary of the “709 crackdown”. A year ago, on 9th July, over 300 lawyers, law firm staff, human rights activists, and their family members were rounded up in a manner unprecedented even for mainland China. One year on, many remain in detention. Last month, over 50 mainland lawyers issued a joint declaration condemning the Tianjin police for the way they handled their cases. Last week, a new documentary was released, highlighting the struggles faced by the human rights lawyers’ wives and their children. With us in the studio is John Clancey of the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.

(Report about the 709 Crackdown about 12:00 in the video, from a Hong Kong TV station)

#Freethelawyers #Endangeredlawyers


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