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Turkey: Turchia: un nuovo attentato ai diritti e alle libertà


The italian criminal lawyers association Unione delle Camere Penali Italiane expresses its concern about Turkish leader Erdogan’s response to failed coup and caution against democratic backsliding after mass arrests in Turkey with the persecution of judges, which follows the still ongoing persecution of journalists, professors, and lawyers.

I 140 magistrati arrestati e gli oltre 2.700 magistrati sospesi dalle funzioni sono un ulteriore pessimo segnale per lo stato di diritto in Turchia. Ciò conferma, unitamente ad esempio alla recente decisione di sospendere i colloqui dei detenuti in carcere con chiunque, persino con i difensori, che vi è la necessità di un monitoraggio attento sulle prerogative della democrazia in Turchia, stato membro del Consiglio d’Europa e quindi vincolato al rispetto della Convenzione europea dei diritti dell’uomo.

Da tempo ormai, gli avvocati difensori sono perseguitati a causa della loro funzione di sentinelle dei diritti fondamentali: in Turchia gli avvocati nell’estate 2013 vennero arrestati in toga in tribunale, sono sotto processo per limitare la libertà di difesa, sono tutt’ora carcerati per la loro attività di difesa. L’omicidio del Presidente degli avvocati di Diyarbakir Tahir Elci nel novembre 2015 è tutt’ora irrisolto e vi è la necessità di assicurare al caso una indagine effettiva ed indipendente.

L’Unione delle Camere Penali Italiane, anche attraverso gli osservatori “Europa” e “Rapporti con l’Avvocatura internazionale”, con il suo progetto “avvocati minacciati | endangered lawyers” segue da tempo la situazione dei difensori in Turchia, partecipando con propri inviati alle delegazioni nei principali processi ai colleghi indagati sol perché difensori.







http://www.webdo.tn/2016/07/18/apres-larrestation-de-6000-juges-et-militaires-la-turquie-limoge-8000-policiers/ (FRENCH)

Kenya: Willie Kimani: Kenyan police charged with murder

July 18, 2016

Suspects in court

Four police officers have been charged with the murder of a lawyer and two others, which sparked protests against extrajudicial killings in Kenya.

The suspects pleaded not guilty but the judge ordered they remain in custody.

They face three counts of murder for the deaths of lawyer Willie Kimani, Josphat Mwenda and their driver Joseph Muiruri.

The three went missing in June after Mr Kimani filed a case against a police officer on behalf of Mr Mwenda.

A week later, decomposing bodies of the three were recovered in a river, in the outskirts on Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Post-mortem reports said the bodies had signs of torture.





http://www.africarivista.it/kenya-omicidio-kimani-arrestati-quattro-poliziotti/107307/ (ITALIAN)

Kenya: Mort de l’avocat Kimani : 4 inculpations

le 18 juillet, 2016

Quatre policiers ont été inculpés pour le meurtre de l’avocat Willie Kimani, de l’un de ses clients et de son chauffeur.

Les suspects rejettent les faits reprochés à eux, mais le juge a ordonné leur arrestation pour la mort de Willie KImani, de Josphat Mwenda et de Joseph Muiruri.

Les corps de ces trois personnes ont été découverts près d’une rivière, à plusieurs dizaines de kilomètres de Nairobi, début juillet, quelques jours après leur disparition.

Des médecins sont arrivés à la conclusion qu’ils ont été torturés avant d’être tués.

Willie Kimani, un avocat spécialiste des droits de l’homme, a disparu après avoir déposé plainte pour son client Josphat Mwenda.

Leur mort avait provoqué l’indignation au Kenya.

Des manifestants ont protesté dans plusieurs villes du pays et ont accusé la police kényane de mener des “exécutions extrajudiciaires”.


Kenya: quatre policiers inculpés pour le meurtre de trois hommes

Egypt: Malek Adly returns to Tora as detention renewed yet again

July 18, 2016

malek adly

The Shubra prosecution renewed Monday the detention of rights activist and lawyer Malek Adly for an additional 15 days, pending further investigations.

According to the head of Al-Haqanya Mohamed Aziz, Adly’s defence had requested that an investigating judge be assigned to the case and the request is pending approval by the prosecution.

Rights defender and lawyer Tarek El-Awady called the renewal an act of vengeance rather than preventive detention, in a statement he made on his Facebook page shortly after the session came to a close.

Adly has been held in solitary confinement since his arrest, on charges of attempting to overthrow the regime, spreading false information, and inciting protests.

Malek Adly returns to Tora as detention renewed yet again

#FreeMalekAdly ‫#‏مالك_عدلي_حر‬

China: Chinese media brands int’l news orgs, embassies and US congressman ‘anti-China forces’ after lawyer crackdown

July 18, 2016

china lawyer crackdown 709

On late Friday afternoon on July 15, the Second Branch Procuratorate of the Tianjin People’s Procuratorate announced on its official Weibo account that four of the several dozen lawyers and activists detained since July 2015, in what is known as the “709 Incident” or “709 Crackdown,” have been indicted. The message was quickly re-posted and reported by People’s Daily and other mouthpiece media:

On July 15, 2016, the Second Branch Procuratorate of the Tianjin People’s Procuratorate, upon review, has decided according to law to indict Zhou Shifeng, Hu Shigen, Zhai Yanmin, Gou Hongguo respectively in the Tianjin Second People’s Intermediate Court for the alleged crime of subversion of state power.

Zhou Shifeng is the director of Beijing Fengrui Law Firm, and over his legal career has represented many victims of social injustice and political persecution, including victims of contaminated milk powder in 2008 and, more recently, the 82-year-old writer Tie Liu who was arrested in 2014 for his writing. The other three are activists, among them Hu Shigen, who was a political prisoner for 16 years from 1992 to 2008, and a house church leader in Beijing.

A few hours later on Friday evening, Legal Daily, a state outlet, posted two commentaries similar in composition and views. They were quickly reposted by other media and the major internet portals. As state media have done over the past year on television, in print media, and online, the two articles repeated the same attacks on China’s human rights lawyers and activists.


http://www.wradio.com.co/noticias/internacional/china-acusa-de-quotsubversionquot-a-cuatro-abogados-y-otros-activistas-ya-detenidos/20160716/nota/3190369.aspx (SPANISH)

Egypt: Lawyers Syndicate demands authorities allow Malek Adly’s cell to be equipped with basics

July 17, 2016

Malek Adly

Egypt’s Lawyers Syndicate has filed an official demand that authorities allow detained lawyer Malek Adly to outfit his solitary prison cell.

Sameh Ashour, the syndicate head, told Ahram Online that he had demanded the prosecution and the interior ministry allow Adly’s cell to be adequately equipped and he be allowed his “full rights.”

Adly’s wife, Asmaa Ali, has released several statements saying that her husband has been kept in solitary confinement since his arrest in May on charges of spreading false news and harming national unity and society peace.

Ali has said that her husband is not allowed to leave his unlit, unventilated prison cell. His health is deteriorating, she has said, because his family have not been allowed to provide him with a bed or a mattress, and he has to sleep on the ground.

The well-known human rights laywer was arrested in relation to his opposition to the government’s decision to recognise two Red Sea islands, administered by Egypt, as belonging to Saudi Arabia.

Hundreds were arrested during and after protests objecting to the government’s decision.


#FreeMalekAdly #Endangeredlawyers