Egypt: Malek Adly’s unfiled appeal rejected, detention continues

July 4, 2016

malek adly

The Shubra Al-Khaima prosecution rejected on Monday an appeal filed by rights lawyer Malek Adly and two others. Their detention will therefore continue over charges of inciting anti-government protests among others.

Laywer Sameh Samir said that Adly’s defence had not filed an appeal for him; however, the prosecution scheduled an appeal session without informing the lawyers.

“Adly’s fellow detainee, Ahmed Salem, filed an appeal and his session was on Monday. We confirmed to the prosecution that we would not be appealing now but they took him in anyway,” Samir added. During the session, the defencedemanded Adly’s release based on the absence of legal reasons for his detention.

Head of the Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour said in a statement on Sunday that the syndicate will file a memorandum to the public prosecutor demanding necessary medical examinations for Adly according to the law.

ECESR Appeals against Abusive Measures in Malek Adly’s Detention (ITALIAN)

#FreeMalekAdly ‫#‏مالك_عدلي_حر‬


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