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Kenya: Witnesses in Willie Kimani’s murder case placed under protection

July 5, 2016

Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation boss Ndegwa Muhoro appeared in court Tuesday to give details on the progress of investigations into the murder of lawyer Willie Kimani and two others.

The DCI said key witnesses in the case have been placed under protection while others will be assessed “as they come up and be protected as necessary.”

“I will ensure that there is no interference from any quarter and I will ensure investigations are complete and suspects brought to court in 14 days,” the DCI said.

He said three suspects, linked to the murders, were arrested and detained. He added that a fourth suspect has also been arrested.

The four are Fredrick ole Leliman, Stephen Cheburet Morogo, Silvia Wanjiku Morogo and Leonard Maina.

Mr Muhoro told the court that his department has “taken seriously” the incident and assured Kenyans that they will conduct “very professional and in-depth investigations.”






Pan African Lawyers’ Union (PALU) Condemns the Murder of an Advocate, his Client and their Driver, and Expresses Solidarity with the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and the East Africa Law Society (EALS)

Kenya Killing of lawyer Willie Kimani

http://www.cinu.mx/noticias/mundial/kenya-alto-comisionado-denunci/ (SPANISH)

China: Report on 709 crackdown

July 5, 2016

The China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) launched two publications, Report on the 709 Crackdown and Missing: Human Rights Activists in China & the Disappeared Justice, today to coincide with the coming up of the first anniversary of the 709 crackdown of human rights lawyers and defenders in China.

Egypt: Malek Adly’s unfiled appeal rejected, detention continues

July 4, 2016

malek adly

The Shubra Al-Khaima prosecution rejected on Monday an appeal filed by rights lawyer Malek Adly and two others. Their detention will therefore continue over charges of inciting anti-government protests among others.

Laywer Sameh Samir said that Adly’s defence had not filed an appeal for him; however, the prosecution scheduled an appeal session without informing the lawyers.

“Adly’s fellow detainee, Ahmed Salem, filed an appeal and his session was on Monday. We confirmed to the prosecution that we would not be appealing now but they took him in anyway,” Samir added. During the session, the defencedemanded Adly’s release based on the absence of legal reasons for his detention.

Head of the Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour said in a statement on Sunday that the syndicate will file a memorandum to the public prosecutor demanding necessary medical examinations for Adly according to the law.





ECESR Appeals against Abusive Measures in Malek Adly’s Detention

http://messaggeroveneto.gelocal.it/udine/cronaca/2016/07/04/news/delitto-regeni-nuova-frase-choc-dalla-tv-egiziana-1.13768699 (ITALIAN)

#FreeMalekAdly ‫#‏مالك_عدلي_حر‬

Cameroun: remise de peine et liberté pour une avocate franco-camerounaise

le 5 juillet, 2016


Le président camerounais Paul Biya a annoncé lundi qu’il accordait une remise de peine à l’avocate française d’origine camerounaise Lydienne Yen-Eyoum Loyse, condamnée à 25 ans de prison pour détournement de fonds publics.

“Une remise totale de la peine restante à purger est accordée à Yen-Eyoum Lydienne Annette, épouse Loyse, condamnée à 25 ans de prison pour détournement de deniers publics”, a écrit le président Biya dans un décret présidentiel lu lundi soir à la radio d’Etat.

M. Biya charge le ministre de la Justice, Laurent Esso, “de l’exécution” de cette mesure.

“C’est magique. Elle est en train de sortir de prison, là, ce soir”, a réagi l’avocate parisienne de Mme Yen-Eyoum, Caroline Wassermann, jointe par l’AFP.

“Je pense qu’elle va venir en France. Nous avions des informations (sur une possible libération) mais nous ne pensions pas que cela se ferait si vite”, a ajouté Me Wassermann.

Mme Yen-Eyoum a déjà passé plus de six ans en prison. Arrêtée en janvier 2010, elle avait été condamnée à 25 ans de prison le 26 septembre 2014 par le Tribunal criminel spécial (TCS). Cette juridiction, spécialisée dans la répression de la grande corruption, l’avait reconnue coupable du détournement de 1,077 milliard de FCFA (1,5 million d’euro).

Le 9 juin 2015, la peine avait été confirmée par la Cour suprême, le dernier niveau de juridiction du Cameroun. Mme Yen-Eyoum a toujours clamé son innocence.




Cameroun – Affaire Lydienne Eyoum : Pourquoi Paul Biya a-t-il accordé une remise de peine à l’avocate franco-camerounaise




Kenya: Nakuru court paralysed over advocates strike

July 5, 2016

Hundreds of people seeking justice at Nakuru courts were on Monday stranded for hours as advocates downed their tools protesting the murder of their colleague, Willie Kimani and his two companions.

It was a rude shock for many of them who had travelled from far and wide only to learn that advocates representing them had started a daylong strike in solidarity with their colleagues countrywide.

They complained that they had no prior knowledge of the planned strike, as they helplessly watched their advocates hold a peaceful march to the area police commandant offices demanding to be assured of their security.

“They should have served us with a notice of the planned strike instead of having us stranded here for hours,” said Gichuki Kanyago.

Kanyago,  who was attending a succession case at the High Court, however, said he was in support of the strike and called on the government to do proper investigations to ensure the perpetrators were brought to book.






DCI says it will work with FBI to investigate death of lawyer Kimani


Protesting lawyers pour paint on Charles Owino, force him to carry coffin











Cliff Ombeta on defending ‘killer’ cops in Willie Kimani murder case

http://presseservice.pressrelations.de/pressemitteilung/menschenrechtsbeauftragte-kofler-zur-ermordung-des-kenianischen-anwalts-kimani-seines-mandanten-und-seines-fahrers-603967.html (GERMAN)




Kenya: L’avocat enlevé a été battu et étranglé

le 5 juillet, 2016

Willy Kimani représentait son client qui tentait de poursuivre la police en justice

L’avocat kenyan spécialisé dans les droits de l’homme, dont le corps mutilé a été retrouvé le 30 juin dernier, a été violemment battu puis étranglé.

D’après notre correspondant BBC à Nairobi, le rapport post-mortem sur la mort d’un avocat kenyan, de son client et de leur chauffeur a établi qu’ils avaient été brutalement battus avant d’être étranglés.

Les trois hommes avaient disparu après avoir défendu une affaire judiciaire impliquant la police.

Leurs corps ont été récupérés une semaine plus tard dans une rivière près de la capitale Nairobi.

Le médecin légiste a conclu que l’avocat Willie Kimani avait été frappé à l’arrière de la tête à plusieurs reprises avec un lourd objet contondant, jusqu’à ce que son crâne soit fracturé.

Le chauffeur de taxi Joseph Muiruri avait aussi des blessures à la tête. Il a été étranglé.

Mais c’est le client de l’avocat Josphat Mwenda qui semble avoir le plus souffert.






Kenya: ‘Heinous killing’ of Kenyan lawyer Willie Kimani must be investigated say human rights groups

July 4, 2016

Human rights lawyer Willie Kimani

More than 30 Kenyan and international human-rights organisations are urging Kenyan authorities to investigate the “shocking abduction, enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings” of a human rights lawyer, his client and a taxi driver.

Later on 4 July, human rights activists will hold demonstrations in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya to protest what Human Rights Watch (HRW) called “heinous killings.”

The bodies of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josphat Mwenda, and their taxi driver Joseph Muiruri, were recovered from Ol-Donyo Sabuk River in Machakos County, 73km north-east of Nairobi, on 30 June, a week after the three went missing. Several organisations have suggested they were victims of enforced disappearance.

Before the bodies were discovered, 34 Kenyan and international human rights organisations claimed the three men were allegedly abducted by the Administration Police (AP) as they left a court in Machakos County, outside of the capital Nairobi, last week.

A lawyer working with the International Justice Mission (IJM) said Kimani had been representing Mwenda in a case stemming from 10 April 2015 – in an incident where an officer from Syokimau AP Camp shot him during a traffic stop.






Kenyans protest over death of rights lawyer, Willie Kimani


Fourth cop arrested over murder of lawyer, 2 others

Muhoro, top sleuths summoned to court over lawyer’s murder





Cop Leonard Mwangi also in court over triple murder



http://www.agenzianova.com/a/577b7394450775.85577776/1381666/2016-07-05/kenya-omicidio-attivista-kimani-tre-alti-funzionari-di-polizia-ascoltati-in-tribunale (ITALIAN)

http://www.agenzianova.com/a/0/1381734/2016-07-05/kenya-autopsia-kimani-attivista-picchiato-e-poi-strangolato (ITALIAN)

http://www.eo.nl/geloven/nieuws/item/activist-van-ijm-vermoord-in-kenia/ (DUTCH)


July 4, 2016


Attorney-at-Law Warren Cassell has had all of his convictions quashed by the Privy Council leaving Cassell with no criminal record.

Five British Justices sitting on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London, handed down their judgment in a 16 page document today.  The Privy Council’s ruling declared that all of Cassell’s convictions be quashed because of what the court described as the trial judge’s “serious misdirections” to the jury and in some instances the fact that the trial judge “made his own opinion on the topic too explicit”.

In 2012, the lawyer was convicted by Montserrat’s High Court of two counts of Conspiracy to Defraud, nine counts of procuring the execution of a valuable security by deception and one count of money laundering and served two years imprisonment.

Queen’s Counsel Thomas Roe and Attorney Dr. David Dorsette who both appeared for Warren Cassell argued the trial was unfair in that trial judge Albert Redhead removed from the jury critical issues of fact that were solely for their consideration.  Lawyers for the Crown accepted that they cannot contend otherwise, but nonetheless any jury properly directed would have ultimately brought Cassell guilty.


Cameroun: Détenue au Cameroun depuis 2010, Lydienne Yen-Eyoum a été libérée

le 5 juillet, 2016

Lydienne Yen-Eyoum, le 6 octobre 2014.

Le président camerounais Paul Biya a annoncé dans la soirée de lundi 4 juillet qu’il accordait une « remise totale de la peine restante à purger » à l’avocate française d’origine camerounaise Lydienne Yen-Eyoum. « C’est magique. Elle est en train de sortir de prison, là », a réagi son avocate parisienne, Caroline Wassermann, jointe par l’Agence France-Presse. Elle a passé près de 6 ans en détention pour détournement de fonds publics.

Née en 1959, Mme Yen-Eyoum avait été arrêtée en janvier 2010, puis condamnée à 25 ans de prison fin 2014 par le Tribunal criminel spécial (TCS). Cette juridiction, spécialisée dans la répression de la grande corruption, l’avait reconnue coupable du détournement de 1,077 milliard de de francs CFA de fonds publics, l’équivalent de 1,5 million d’euros. Le 9 juin 2015, la peine avait été confirmée par la Cour suprême, le dernier niveau de juridiction du Cameroun.

Le Cameroun a lancé en 2006 une opération Epervier de lutte contre la corruption dans le cadre de laquelle plusieurs personnalités ont déjà été arrêtées et condamnées à de lourdes peines de prison pour la plupart.


Cameroun : Libération de Me L.Eyoum : Paul Biya cède à la pression de l’ONU



Cameroun: remise de peine et liberté pour l’avocate franco-camerounaise Lydienne Yen-Eyoum Loyse