Egypt: Arrests in Egypt ahead of protests against president

April 24, 2016

Egyptian security forces have rounded up dozens of activists, journalists, and lawyers ahead of demonstrations called for April 25 against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s policies, including the transfer of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, lawyers and witnesses said Friday.

Rights lawyer Ahmed Abdel-Naby said that dozens were arrested in cafes in downtown Cairo and from their homes. Ragia Omran, another rights lawyer, said in a statement that there is an “organized campaign” targeting activists in Cairo and several provinces.

The lawyers said the whereabouts of many of those arrested were unknown for hours as police denied the arrests, before the detainees surfaced in police stations the following day.

A youth group called Revolutionary Socialists says a top member, Haitham Muhammadeen, was arrested when security forces raided his home late Thursday.

Mahmoud el-Sakka, a young journalist, wrote on his Facebook page that special forces raided his home and told his family he is a wanted man, threatening more raids unless he turns himself in.

“We are not afraid even if they snatch our souls,” he said. “This is only because we are saying we will not put our land up for sale.”


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