Argentina: Arrested Báez attorney to face questioning today

April 21, 2016

Jorge Chueco, lawyer of the detained Kirchnerite businessman Lázaro Báez, will face questioning today after arriving in Buenos Aires. He was arrested on Tuesday by Paraguayan police authorities, who said yesterday they had detained him after he demonstrated “suspicious behaviour” while staying at a hotel in Encarnación, a few kilometres from the Argentine border.

Speaking after Chueco’s swift return to Argentina for questioning in the aftermath of his arrest, Chief Inspector Julio Cáceres of Paraguay’s Federal Police dismissed suggestions that Chueco had been close to attempting suicide while on the run, but said his actions while staying at the hotel in central Encarnación had alerted authorities.

“We have no information that he attempted suicide in the hotel or tried to jump from the room, but we do know that while he was at the hotel the police were notified because he exhibited suspicious behaviour and because he failed to pay for the room,” Cáceres said.

He also provided information detailing Chueco’s movements over the last few days, having last been seen at the Iguazú National Park in Argentina eight days ago and then declared a “missing person” by the Security Ministry soon afterwards.–to-face-questioning-today


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