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UK: Constance Briscoe disbarred after being jailed for lying

April 15, 2016

Constance Briscoe leaving the Old Bailey in May 2014. She was jailed later that month.

One of Britain’s most high-profile legal figures, Constance Briscoe, must be disbarred as a barrister after being jailed for lying to police during the Chris Huhne speeding scandal, a tribunal has said.

Briscoe, one of Britain’s first black, female judges, was sentenced to 16 months in prison in May 2014 after being convicted of three counts of perverting the course of justice. She was thrown out of the judiciary about three months later, while still in prison.

And, on Friday, the Bar Standards Board announced that an independent disciplinary tribunal had found that Briscoe, 58, who was called to the bar in 1983, should also be struck off as a barrister.


China: Chine: muselé par Pékin, l’avocat dissident Pu Zhiqiang est interdit d’exercer

le 15 avril, 2016

Pu Zhiqiang avocat chinois droits l'Homme

Les autorités judiciaires de Pékin ont radié du barreau l’influent avocat dissident Pu Zhiqiang. Condamné en 2015 à trois ans de prison avec sursis, ce militant défenseur des droits de l’Homme avait notamment défendu Ai Weiwei et participé, alors qu’il était encore étudiant, aux manifestations place Tiananmen en 1989.

La radiation de Pu Zhiqiang, 50 ans, est le dernier exemple en date de la répression croissante visant la société civile (juristes, militants, universitaires, religieux), sous la présidence de Xi Jinping. Elle a été prononcée le 13 avril 2016 par les autorités judiciaires chinoises et confirmée dans la foulée par l’intéressé sur l’application chinoise WeChat. «J’étais avocat durant 19 ans, mais depuis aujourd’hui c’est terminé», a-t-il écrit sur le réseau social.

Connu en Chine pour avoir assuré la défense de nombreux dissidents dontl’artiste Ai Weiwei, l’ex-avocat, militant des droits de l’Homme, a ajouté: «Je crois en l’avenir et je suis persuadé qu’il y aura des changements.»


USA: Defense attorney looks to get professional misconduct case thrown out

April 15, 2016

Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Ramsey

Palm Beach County assistant public defender battling professional misconduct allegations this week asked the court to throw out an extremely rare civil action against her, arguing that the claims are groundless.

But at the same time, a special prosecutor outlined five alleged violations by attorney Elizabeth Ramsey and requested a disciplinary hearing before Circuit Judge Catherine M. Brunson.

This showdown — with Ramsey’s 25-year career as a lawyer at stake — was prompted by a petition filed early this year by Circuit Judge Jack Schramm Cox concerning Ramsey’s representation of a 24-year-old man charged with murder.

Instead of filing a Florida Bar complaint to be reviewed at first by other lawyers, Cox chose to have one of his fellow judges determine Ramsey’s fate. Cox made this move under a Florida Supreme Court rule not used in any state courthouse since 1991.


USA: Public defender arrested for talking too much

April 14, 2016