China: Chinese Crackdown on Lawyers and Activists Is Criticized at U.N.

March 10, 2016

(Placards with images of Lee Bo, left, and his associate, Gui Minhai, outside the China liaison office in Hong Kong. Both vanished and later reappeared on the Chinese mainland. CreditPhilippe Lopez/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images)

The United States and 11 other countries scolded China on Thursday over its crackdown on lawyers and human rights activists, saying that China had violated its own laws and international commitments.

Keith M. Harper, the American ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council, delivered a joint statement criticizing the sweeping arrests of activists and lawyers who in many cases, their families and supporters have said, did not have access to legal counsel nor were allowed family visits in breach of China’s laws.

The statement, representing the views of the United States, Japan, Australia, Britain and eight other European countries, also expressed alarm at the treatment of several Hong Kong residents who vanished and were evidently coerced into going to mainland China.

Item 2: Joint Statement – Human Rights Situation in China


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