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China: The Case of Zhang Kai: Refuting Lies, Clarifying the Facts, and Setting the Record Straight

February 29, 2016

Zhang Kai. Photo via his blog.

Lawyer Zhang Kai was taken into police custody in Wenzhou on August 25, 2015. He was placed in residential surveillance in a designated location for six months, after which he appeared on Chinese television to make a “confession” on February 25.

Zhang, 37, appeared thin and haggard, and his hair made him look like a concentration camp prisoner. We still don’t know what kind of ordeal he suffered during those six months. Looking at the language used in his “confession,” which was delivered in the tone and style of the official media, viewers were left feeling that he had been forced to read from a script prepared for him by the authorities.

On February 28, Zhang Kai’s parents announced that Zhang had been transferred to criminal detention at 9 p.m. on February 26. According to Pastor Bob Fu’s Twitter feed: “[Zhang Kai’s] father was taken to Wenzhou by that city’s public security and domestic security police on February 27. By the morning of the 28th he was at the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau where he will likely be held temporarily and deprived of his freedom.”


The Case of Zhang Kai: Refuting Lies, Clarifying the Facts, and Setting the Record Straight

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USA: Defense attorney battling criminal contempt, professional misconduct cases

February 29, 2016

Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Ramsey

(Palm Beach County Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Ramsey is battling against a contempt of court charge and professional misconduct claims, filed by Circuit Judge Jack Schramm Cox. (Jim Rassol / Sun Sentinel))

She’s facing a jail sentence. She’s facing the loss of her law license. And she’s facing prosecutors who want her clients put to death.

But Palm Beach County Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Ramsey fights on, determined to win on all three fronts.

“I cannot imagine the pressure she’s under,” said Donnie Murrell, a longtime local criminal defense attorney who is representing Ramsey. “I admire her courage and her ability to focus.”

Ramsey, 51, said her immediate attention is on a March 7 trial start date for convicted sex offender Rodney Clark. Prosecutors have been seeking the death penalty since Clark’s 2013 cold-case arrest in the 1987 murder of a 27-year-old Lake Worth woman.

Ramsey referred questions on her legal battles to privately retained attorneys. One is defending her against a misdemeanor criminal contempt charge, while the other is helping her in an extremely rare civil court case concerning professional misconduct allegations.