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Bosnia: ATTACK ON LAWYER Šejla Turković sentenced to three months in prison!

January 26, 2016

ATTACK ON LAWYER Šejla Turković sentenced to three months in prison!

Melika Murtezić, judge of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo, yesterday pronounced a sentence against Šejla Turkovic, wife of Zijad Turković, leader of criminal organization  (he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for multiple executions, international drug trafficking and theft of 2.5 million KM from the Sarajevo airport).

Serious threats

On grounds of the attack on lawyer Izet Baždarević, Šejla Turković was conditionally sentenced to three months in prison with a one-year probation period. The sentence will not be executed provided that she does not commit another criminal offense in the next 12 months. Also, under this sentence, Šejla Turković is obliged to pay 200 KM for court expenses, no later than 30 days from the day the judgement is rendered final. Šejla Turković is charged with jeopardizing the safety of lawyer Izet Baždarević from Sarajevo, because she made serious threats against him outside the courtroom number 4 in the Court building on 23 September 2011. On that occasion, Turković approached Baždarević and shouted at him saying that he was a criminal and accusing him of instructing a witness to testify against her husband. Šejla Turković’s threats that she would get revenge on him and kill him together with his family, as referred to in the indictment against her, were taken seriously by Baždarević who was left with a feeling of fear and personal jeopardy. In the reasoning of the judgment, judge Murtezić pointed out that the prosecution proved the allegations from the indictment by means of material evidence and examination of witnesses. – See more at: http://www.avaz.ba/clanak/216464/attack-on-lawyer-sejla-turkovic-sentenced-to-three-months-in-prison?url=clanak/216464/attack-on-lawyer-sejla-turkovic-sentenced-to-three-months-in-prison#sthash.mfEflqe1.dpuf