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Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe chief prosecutor charged over Mugabe bomb plot case

February 2, 2016

Attorney General Johannes Tomana walking to court

(The press gathered as Johannes Tomana arrived at court)

Zimbabwe’s chief prosecutor has been charged with obstructing the course of justice after allegedly dropping charges against people accused of plotting to bomb the president’s dairy.

The milk production plant is run by President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace.

Attorney General Johannes Tomana denies the charges. He was brought to court in a police van on Tuesday morning.



Thailand: Lawyer of NDM student activists to be charged for defending her clients

February 2, 2016


Lawyer of NDM student activists to be charged with criminal charges for filing a false police report and failure to comply with officer’s order for refusing to let officers search vehicle without warrant and for filing charges of misconduct against police

Today (2 February 2016), Miss Sirikan Charoensiri, lawyer from the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) and one of legal representatives of the 14 student activists of the New Democracy Movement (NDM), received summons from the Chanasongkram Police Station to report to police on 9 February 2016 at 10:00 am, for being informed of criminal charges; offences related to making false police report and refusing to comply with an order of competent official. The accuser is Pol. Col. Suriya Chamnongchok, an inquiry officer in the case of the 14 NDM student activists.

The case has originated from the prosecution of the 14 NDM student activists who staged demonstrations agains the junta on 25 June 2015 at the Democracy Monument and subsequent arrest of them on 26 June 2015. Miss Sirikan Charoensiri was present as one of the student activists’ lawyers during all 14 students were arrested and had followed them to the Phra Ratchawang Police Station, then to the Bangkok Military Court for the hearing to remand the students. The hearing in the military court was conducted during 22.00 to 00.30 and was not open to public but only involved parties which included a team of lawyers. Hence, the 14 accused students needed to leave their belongings with their lawyers before being sent to prisons after the military court approved an order to remand them for 12 days. The lawyers had to keep all the students’ belongings in the car Miss Sirikan Charoensiri which was allowed to park in front of the military court building.



France: Deux hommes jugés en appel pour avoir tenté d’assassiner l’avocat Karim Achoui

le 1er février, 2016


Le procès en appel de Ruddy Terranova et Mamadou Ba, acquittés en 2013 pour la tentative d’assassinat de l’ex-avocat du barreau de Paris Karim Achoui en 2007, s’ouvre mardi jusqu’au 12 février devant la cour d’assises de Seine-et-Marne à Melun.

Terranova est accusé d’avoir tiré à trois reprises sur ce dernier avec une arme de gros calibre, le touchant deux fois, à la sortie de son cabinet du boulevard Raspail, dans le centre de Paris, le 22 juin 2007. Ba est accusé d’avoir piloté la moto qui a servi à cette tentative.

Karim Achoui avait été blessé par deux tirs par balles le 22 juin 2007 en sortant de son cabinet parisien. En octobre 2013, la cour d’assises de Paris avait prononcé l’acquittement des six accusés dans l’affaire.



China: China’s Rights Struggle Is No Longer an ‘Internal Affair’

February 1, 2016

China's Rights Struggle Is No Longer an 'Internal Affair'

In a fine recent study of China’s human rights lawyers, Eva Pils, a scholar of Chinese legal issues, points out that once the behemoth of the Chinese state takes interest in you these days, there can be literally no escape. Those who stray over into the vast terrain where they are viewed as “enemies of the state” are not just subject to violence and torture.

Pils gives a long, sobering list of other things that the predatory state can do: get you fired from your job, get a landlord to terminate your lease so you end up homeless, get internet companies to shut down your blog so you have no voice, and block your child from school admission. These are not theoreticals; unfortunately, there are plenty of credibly documented cases where such things have happened.

In view of these almost limitless powers, the puzzle is not so much why the mighty state is running rampage of late on a handful of rights lawyers and civil society actors in China, but that there are still people with the courage and inner resources to carry on with their dissent. Back in the Maoist period, a dissident might suffer the fate of Zhang Zhixin, who had her windpipes physically cut by prison guards so she could make no noise, and then was executed by firing squad. These days, the tactics are less extreme — but the end result is much the same. Smother someone, eradicate any means they might have for social influence, and in effect bury them alive.


Venezuela: Héctor Sánchez Losada Assassinat de membre de la Commission des droits de l’homme du barreau fédéral dans l’État de Monagas

le 22 janvier, 2016

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