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International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger

September 17, 2015

International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger

Richard Sédillot, Vice-president of the European and International Affairs Committee, presented the project to relaunch the International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger before the General Assembly of the Conseil National des Barreaux which took place on 11th and 12th September 2015.

The purpose of this observatory is to defend lawyers around the world who are under threat. Its aim is to include all French and foreign bars and law societies which take an interest in its projects, alongside the Conseil National des Barreaux and the Paris Bar.

The purpose of the Observatory will be to defend lawyers under threat and denounce situations in which the right to defense is put at risk. It will also track, through monitoring and all other available means, lawyers who are victim of threats, pressure, torture, or any other kind of abuse.

The main work that the Observatory will be able to carry out will fall into three main lines of action:

• « Monitoring and advocacy” (alert letters, diverse publications, group action);
• “Emergency assistance” (support work and attribution of emergency material aid);
• “Training” (the conception and distribution of teaching material and the organisation of training courses).

The Observatory is to be launched in Paris on December 10th, as part of European Lawyers Day and Human Rights Day.


Relance de l’observatoire international des avocats en danger

le 17 septembre, 2015

Relance de l’observatoire international des avocats en danger

Richard Sédillot, Vice-président de la Commission des affaires européennes et internationales, a présenté devant l’Assemblée générale du Conseil national des barreaux réunie les 11 et 12 septembre 2015, le projet de relance de l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger.

Cet observatoire aura pour mission de défendre les avocats menacés partout dans le monde. Il a vocation à compter parmi ses membres, aux côtés du Conseil national des barreaux et du Barreau de Paris tous deux à l’initiative de cette relance, tous les barreaux français et étrangers et organisations d’avocats intéressés par ses missions.

L’Observatoire aura pour objet de défendre les avocats menacés et de dénoncer les situations attentatoires aux droits de la défense. Il recensera ainsi, par une veille attentive et par tout moyen, les avocats victimes de menaces, pressions, tortures ou toute autre atteinte dans l’exercice de leur mission.

Les principales actions que l’Observatoire pourra mener dans le cadre de sa mission, se regroupent autour de trois axes :

• Un axe « veille et plaidoyer » (lettre d’alerte, publications diverses, mobilisations) ;
• Un axe « aide d’urgence » (mission de soutien, attribution d’aides matérielles d’urgence) ;
• Un axe « formation » (conception et diffusion de matériel pédagogique et organisation de missions de formation).
Cet Observatoire devrait être officiellement lancé à Paris le 10 décembre prochain à l’occasion de la Journée de l’avocat européen et de la journée mondiale pour les droits de l’Homme.



22nd January 2016, all over Europe, in solidarity the the lawyers and judges in Honduras

Since 2010 every year on the 24 January protests are organized in front of embassies in solidarity with endangered lawyers, who are threatened, attacked, or even killed because they defend human rights, poor people, trade unionists or peasants. The date has been determined in commemoration of 4 lawyers and a trade unionist who were killed by Spanish fascists in Madrid in 1977.

All over Europe and sometimes outside Europe lawyers, lawyers associations and Bar Associations organize these protests. Every year the protests are dedicated to the lawyers of one specific country where lawyers who defend human rigths are endangered. In the past the day was organized in commemoration of the lawyers in Iran, Turkey, Basque Country, Colombia, The Philippines. In 2016 it will be Honduras.