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China: Chinese Lawyers Get the Kafka Treatment in Falun Gong Case

November 9, 2015

10 lawyers and citizens protest outside the Jiansanjiang Police Station in Heilongjiang Province on March 27, urging the release of detained rights lawyers who protested a black jail's detention of Chinese citizens. Chinese activists said that the facility was shut down on April 28, 2014. (New Tang Dynasty Television)

Despite a judicial reform which made it easier for the common Chinese citizen to file legal complaints, rights lawyers involved in a nearly two-year-long court battle in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province have had their clients’ case documents sent to none other than the agency accused of abuses.

Sui Tingfu, police chief in the Jiansanjiang agricultural reclamation area, was sued for the illegal incarceration of adherents of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice persecuted by the Communist Party.

But on the morning of Oct. 28, when lawyers Dong Qianyong, Ma Wei, Ren Quanniu, Xu Fugui, and Feng Yanqing travelled to the Heilongjiang Province Procuratorate to see how the case had progressed, they discovered that the documentation had been handed over to the 610 Office—an extralegal Party agency created in 1999 for the specific purpose of coordinating and executing the anti-Falun Gong campaign.


Israel: Arbitrary Detention of Mohammed Allan | LRWC Letter

November 9, 2015

Dear Minister, Excellency, Director-General, Justice,

Re: Arbitrary Detention of Mohammed Allan

We write on behalf of Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC), a non-governmental organization of volunteer lawyers and jurists dedicated to the promotion of international human rights and the rule of law through legal research, education, and advocacy on behalf of lawyers and other human rights defenders subject to persecution.

We are gravely concerned about the treatment of Palestinian lawyer Mohammed Allan, who was held in administrative detention from November 2014 until August 2015, and now again since 16 September. He is being held without charge and on the basis of evidence which has not been made available to him or his lawyers, contrary to Israel’s international law obligations.