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China: ‘Secret Detention is a Terrifying Thing’

October 28, 2015


(Gao Shen, wife of missing rights activist Tang Zhishun, speaks to RFA in San Francisco, Oct. 28, 2015.)

The wife of rights activist Tang Zhishun, missing since he helped the teenage son of two detained rights lawyers escape across the border from southwestern China to northern Myanmar, is currently in the United States with her daughter after her husband’s disappearance earlier this month. Tang, together with fellow activist Xing Qingxian, was detained by Myanmar authorities along with Bao Zhuoxuan, son of detained rights attorney Wang Yu and her activist husband Bao Longjun, on Oct. 6. Bao Zhuoxuan is now under house arrest at his grandparents’ home inChina’s Inner Mongolia. Tang’s wife Gao Shen spoke to RFA’s Mandarin Service in a recent interview in San Francisco:

“My daughter and I have come here to the U.S., but not her father. We didn’t know about this until after he got detained.

We were a happy family, but now our lives have been thrown into chaos by this incident, and I and my child have been thrown into a distressing situation against our will.