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China: ‘You are in danger. We are being monitored’

October 14, 2015

Bao Zhuoxuan pictured with his grandmother Tong Yanchun (right) in an undated photograph.

(Bao Zhuoxuan pictured with his grandmother Tong Yanchun (right) in an undated photograph.)

The knocking on the heavy-set steel door was coming from the inside, where a scared and desperate grandmother was trying to keep her teenage grandson – and us – out of harm’s way.

“I’m giving you good advice – you are in danger,” Tong Yanchun told me through the closed door. “We are being monitored.”

The octogenarian’s modest apartment in this small, quiet town in northern China had on Tuesday become a microcosm of the Chinese government’s sweeping crackdown on the nation’s human rights lawyers.

Family friends have held grave concerns for the welfare of Ms Tong’s grandson, Bao Zhuoxuan, who had been uncontactable since October 6, when an attempt to smuggle him out of the country failed after he was caught at a border town in Myanmar along with two human rights activists, Tang Zhishun and Xing Qingxian.

Zhuoxuan’s mother, prominent human rights lawyer Wang Yu, and his father, legal activist Bao Longjun, have been held incommunicado since July 9.


India: Jailed lawyers pledge not to protest in court, given bail in Chennai

October 14, 2015

A few advocates in the Madras high court and law students, who laid a day-long siege to the Chief Justice’s court on September 14, has given an undertaking that they would not indulge in such protests in future. After a written undertaking to this effect was furnished in the court on Monday, a judge hearing their bail petitions granted them bail. They were released from Puzhal prison on Tuesday.

“The petitioners undertake that they will not indulge in any form of agitation in the court hall in future,” their affidavit filed before Justice S Vaidyanathan read.

A total of 10 people, including a couple of law students, Ten of the them courted arrest on September 14 at the end of their sit-in protest inside Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul’s court on September 14, demanding declaration of Tamil as official language of the court. Accepting their undertaking, Justice Vaidyanathan granted them bail, but not before reminding them of their undertaking. “The petitioners shall not indulge in unhealthy practices like the present one or any kind of protest on the court premises in future.