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China: Chinese activists urge Xi Jinping to learn from Magna Carta

October 13, 2015

President​ Xi of China

(British officials have hailed Magna Carta’s arrival as the latest milestone in a ‘golden era’ of UK-China relations. President Xi will visit Britain next week. Photograph: Gary Cameron/Reuters)

Chinese activists have urged President Xi Jinping to visit a rare exhibition ofMagna Carta in Beijing, after the text, which some celebrate as a cornerstone of modern democracy, went on display as part of commemorations of its 800th anniversary.

A 1217 version held by Hereford Cathedral, one of only 17 surviving 13th century texts of the “Great Charter”, was put on show at the British ambassador’s residence on Tuesday. It will head to Shanghai and Guangzhou later in the week.

“I very much hope that Xi can go and see [the exhibition],” said Yu Wensheng, an outspoken attorney who was among those targeted during a continuing roundup of civil rights lawyers.

Yu said Magna Carta’s presence in China “should serve as a reminder to [Xi] and the leadership that cracking down on lawyers is wrong and futile”.

Liu Shihui, another civil rights lawyer, noted Xi often name-checked famous pieces of writing including Hemingway and Dostoyevsky. “I hope he can spend some time reading Magna Carta,” Liu said.


France: Bobigny : les avocats de l’aide juridictionnelle en grève

le 12 octobre, 2015

Bobigny. En 2014, les avocats s’étaient mobilisés pour réclamer le doublement des crédits de l’aide juridictionnelle.

(Bobigny. En 2014, les avocats s’étaient mobilisés pour réclamer le doublement des crédits de l’aide juridictionnelle. (LP/C.S.))

Mieux vaudra ne pas avoir besoin d’un avocat, dans le cadre de l’aide juridictionnelle. A partir de ce mardi, les avocats de Bobigny sont en grève, répondant à l’appel national du conseil national des barreaux, qui réunit tous les bâtonniers de France (les représentants des avocats par département).

Conséquence directe : au civil, plus d’avocat en aide juridictionnelle, ni de commission d’office. Cela concerne aussi les assistances en garde à vue. Toutes les permanences pénales seront suspendues, et les plates-formes téléphoniques désactivées. Seul le contentieux de la liberté (pour les placements en détention ou remise en liberté) sera assuré.